Car birthday party for Kids and Adults

by Sherry on September 12, 2012

Let me start off by saying that I love cars! In another lifetime I would be a race car driver or an automobile engineer; or anything that would let me work on cars daily.

Now that my love of cars and all things cars is off my chest, let us get back to business. The beauty of a car themed birthday party is that both the young and old would enjoy it.

There is a kid out there who dreams of becoming a race car driver or an adult wishing he or she could be an F1 driver and is envious of Alonzo. Or maybe you have watched all those great, adrenaline inducing car shows or movies and you dream of being able to do that one day.

car themed birthday party

Leave out your fantasy (dream)!

You can consider holding a birthday party at a race track. You can even arrange for a driving lesson for your birthday party while there. You could make it more fun by racing each other round the track like professional race car drivers and feel like a professional one day. There are also child friendly race cars out there and your child can indulge his or her dream of becoming a racer in a safe area mannered by professionals! You can even have your names on the score board and points awarded to you after every round and the winner given a gift hamper or any other gift!

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Mummy, Can I drive my cake?

Not all of us can go to a race track to celebrate a car birthday party, but we can use the race track as an inspiration. You can have a cake made out as a race track with different car models on it and the winner holding a trophy out there. You may also have a cake made to look like your favorite truck or car model.

There are bakers and cake decorators out there who can make a cake look like the real car and your child might mistake it for a toy car! When he or she asks if they can drive the toy car that is on top of the cake table, make sure to say no! You can also play with the shape of the snacks and party food to reflect different parts of the car. You may also consider serving foods and drinks in car like plates and cups.


Car Wash Service

You can turn the serving of food and drink in a car birthday party into different stages as you would find in a car wash service. Just imagine how great it would be! Each station can represent a different type of foods and drinks and by the time you come from the other end, your plate and cup will be filled with goodies!

Cars cum Fast and Furious

Did you see how fast those cars in fast and furious moved? You can cut out carton boxes to look like car models inspired the cars movie franchise or the fast and furious movie franchise. Each kid or adult will pick their favorite car from the fast and the furious or a character from cars like Lightening McQueen. Sally Carrera, Chick Hicks, and Doc Hudson among many others and have a street race of your pimped carton cut outs to see who emerges the king! You could also buy the remote controlled cars and let the kids compete to see who is the king (or queen) of the race track.

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A car birthday party is a fun birthday party to have; especially if you are a car lover or a race enthusiast. It keeps everyone occupied and busy and it lets all of us indulge in a little bit of fun before going back to reality. Go ye and race!

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