Carnival birthday party decorations

by admin on October 18, 2012

The best time to have a carnival birthday party is when the skies are blue- when it is warm and sunny outside. A carnival birthday party is never complete without carnival birthday party decorations.

Here are a few suggestions that could spruce up your party. You will need a couple of decorated loot bags. The loot bags will hold tickets during the birthday party.

The bags can also hold prizes that the kids have won. You will also need a couple of booths – a ticket booth from where the kids can get their tickets from.

There has to be a face-painting booth as well. In the face painting booth, have a chart with simple images that are easy to draw such as a cat face, a heart, rainbow or lightning bolt.

Also get a hot dog vending booth. Have competition booths. The kids can play games and get to walk away with prizes if they win the challenges.


For the games, you can put jelly beans or even animal crackers in a jar and the kid who guesses the correct number of items in the jar gets to walk away with them all.

You can also have a ball toss game, where if 3 or 4 softballs are tossed into a basket, one gets to win a prize. There are many games you can come up with.

A carnival birthday party decorations is never complete without colorful balloons and carnival candy. You can have a mix of both by getting balloon cupcakes from a confectionery.

carnival birthday decorations

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Bouquets of large balloons can be used to highlight the main activity areas like the food area, prize table, seating table and the backyard or venue entrance.

You will need a photo board with a funny or interesting cut out such as a cow, ghost or anything else you like where the kids can stick their heads and take memorable snapshots.

To cover the tables you can get white, blue and red table cloths. Use brightly colored banners and welcome signs and place them strategically in your backyard.

The colours brighten up the place. If possible try and get swing carousels, little inanimate carnival people, an octopus ride and a Ferris wheel. These additions all highlight the carnival birthday party theme.


Other party decorations include making a simple wheel of fortune and hiring a clown to entertain the kids. A brightly colored bounce castle is a great addition.

You can place a table under a tree and put a sweet shop sign above it. In the shop you can have swirl lollipops, milkshakes, cotton candy and gumballs.

Carnival birthday party decorations are many and you can select a number of them to bring out the theme of the party.

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