Carnival Birthday Party

by admin on July 27, 2012

Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

Start your planning with invitation. With this theme there are a lot of invitation options including cutting out a circus tent out of folded paper so you open the door to reveal the party details or even a clowns face with a pompom nose and the details at the back will excite the guests. If you want to be a bit different, find a flier for an actual carnival online, print it and replace the words with your own info e.g. ‘(your surname’s) CIRCUS’, and ‘ADMISSION: free with RSVP to Ring Master by (date) on (telephone number)’ .

Carnival Birthday Party Decorations = Clown + Primary Color Combination

Again this party theme can be displayed in numerous ways and is great if you have party items like balloons left over from previous parties. Play carnival music, put up loads of brightly colored balloons, streamers and banners and put up colorful signs for each activity or area.

Carnival Birthday Party Activities

Have various stations where the children can take part in different things like face painting and a bouncing castle If you have a pet like a dog, make an enclosure where they usually laze around, make them wear a ruffle neck piece (like what a clown wears) and label the area as the ‘Petting Zoo‘ – this will ensure that they are included in the party but not left to roam around and eat all of the food.

Carnival Birthday Party Supplies

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Carnival Birthday Party Games

When each of the guests arrive, give them a bag of popcorn which also has some tickets labelled ‘Admit One’ with each game name on it so they use them like real tokens. These are so that each child can only get one prize on each game although they can play as many times as they like.

carnival birthday party

Carnival Birthday Party Games can include:

  • Ring of Fire – Hang a hula hoop and decorate with tissue paper so it looks like a fire. Get the kids to try and throw stuffed animals through the hoop.
  • Water Blast – If the party is outdoors then you can have a table with action figures on that the children need to shoot down with water guns. You can use nerf guns if you are indoors.
  • Cake Shake – Draw numbered squares on the ground and the kids have to shake/jump around until the music stops and the child on the number which is drawn wins a cupcake.
  • Throw Like a Pro – Stack up empty soda cans which the children need to make fall down using a tennis ball or bean bag.

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Carnival Birthday Party Food

Have a sign up in one area that says “Concessions” and have the food out buffet style so guests can take what they want. You can have bags of cotton candy, toffee or chocolate apples, hot dogs, sliced pizza, nachos, m&m cookies and veggies and dip.

Carnival Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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