Cat Birthday Party Theme

by admin on October 27, 2012

Cat Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Choosing a theme for a birthday party might make you scratch your head trying to get ideas. This theme may easily be used to make your party a success.

It may look quite kiddish but if well presented through the decorations, events and food served, you may have a different opinion at the end of the party.

This theme has a feminine touch on it such that it would be considered weird if that would the chosen theme in a guy’s party but for the kids, gender doesn’t really matter here.

It is good to get your kid a gift but a themed party, it goes beyond the expected. This would have a big impact on your kid than just presenting gifts and having a normal home served meal.

Cat Birthday Party Decorations

Cat birthday party theme is basically symbolized by the decorations that will be placed. This is not the type of themes which one attends a party and at the end, one still can’t figure out what theme was used.

cat birthday party

Decorations will include cat stickers that will be put on the walls and figuratively on the door, utensils like plates that have a cat portrait would definitely enhance the theme, cut outs made in the cats shape can be hanged all over.

One can gather all the cat dolls and stuffed animal dolls and place them at certain places in the house. If it involves giving out invitation cards, the cards should have kitten portrait drawn somewhere.

In the backyard, a cat craft would do the trick.

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Cat Birthday Party Activities

In such as themed party, several activities and games would go with the atmosphere created. These games would vary with the creativity of the planner.

Looking at kids games, the cat birthday party theme will move along well with these games.

  • A meowing contest: can be played at the backyard around a bonfire. This would definitely create interest and fun for the party attendants especially in the dying hours of the party.
  • Thirsty cat game: this is where cups cut to resemble the cat feeding dish would be filled with juice or milk and kids align to drink while their posture resembles a cats’. It can be made to look like a tournament.
  • Mouse chase would make the party hasty as it would indulge a lot of running up and down. This is mostly advised for people with a big compound where kids can have adequate space.
  • Musical cat beds: this is done like the normal musical chairs game only that the seats are made in a way resembling a cat’s bed, well cushioned. This will involve the children fully as they compete on who will remain last.
  • Cat blinding game: this is where the kids are blind folded and made to search for certain things. This would also excite the kids especially if what you want them to find is something edible as it would make them try to their level best.


It may look different from the other games but at such a party, it would provide a good session to advice the kids on pet ownership and care mostly talking about the cats.

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Cat Birthday Party Food

Kids don’t eat much in parties as their concentration is in the games and the party more than the food therefore the planner is advised to prepare kid friendly menu and display them in a creative way that will symbolize the cat birthday party theme.

Cat shaped cakes would vividly outline the theme. The snacks, may it be cookie, cheese, popcorns and chocolates don’t necessarily need to be shaped like a kitten but what a cat eats. Good examples would be to shape the chocolates as small fish on the popcorn trays. It would create interest on the kid and create the intended enticement. The snacks could be served in plates that resemble cat dishes.

As much as in the beginning you thought cat birthday party theme looks stupid, I hope it opens up your creativity and makes you see the flipside.

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