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Kourtney Kardashian turned thirty-four years old on April 18, 2013. She is the oldest child of Kris Jenner and the late, Robert Kardashian. In the family’s reality television show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, you will see that Kourtney is the most “responsible” woman out of the three. As many people know by now, Kourtney […]

Jessica Alba turned 32 years old this year on April 28! Jessica has played in many famous movies; however, for quite some time she spent time away from the “big screen”, to dedicate her time to her two daughters, Honor who is four, and Haven who is only one year old! Even though this mother […]

How Kate Hudson Spent Her 34th Birthday

by admin on April 29, 2013

Many celebrities “go-all-out” on their birthday, however, Kate Hudson took things easy-going and took her time while she spent time with her family. On April 19, 2013, Kate Hudson and her two sons, Ryder,9, and Bing, 21 months, strolled around the Tribeca neighborhood. What was she wearing you ask? Well, she was rockin’ her son, […]

Celebrate your Birthday in Washington DC

by admin on April 19, 2013

There are several great places to celebrate a birthday in Washington, DC. Whether, you are craving home-style cooking, or if you are feeling a bit risky, craving something different, there are plenty of places to choose! There is a French restaurant in the neighborhood of Georgetown, in Washington DC. Citronelle is fancy, romantic, and offers […]

Kristen Stewarts’ Birthday Week

by admin on April 18, 2013

On April 9, 2013, Kristen Stewart and her boyfriend/ co-star Robert Pattinson celebrated Kristen’s 23rd birthday! While most people celebrate only one day or night for their birthday, Kristen and Robert celebrated the whole week! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson got together with a few friends and partied at Malo Tequeria, where they had several […]

Hillarious Happy Birthday Sayings

by admin on March 12, 2013

18 Funny and Hillarious Happy Birthday Sayings To me – old age is always ten year older than I am. – John Burroughs The worst part about celebrating another birthday is the shock that you’re only as well as you are. – Anne Lamott You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than […]

Celebrity Children Birthday Parties

by admin on December 25, 2012

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Take a peek at celebrity children birthday parties Being the child of a celebrity may at times seem daunting and the attention overwhelming. However, there are some perks that come with being such a child. Taking a look at the daily lives of celebrity kids can make any average person a bit green with envy, […]

Are today kids’ parties too extravagant?

by admin on December 24, 2012

Has the average birthday party gone too far? Decades ago children played in backyards, rode bicycles through the neighborhood, or maybe had their party at a local McDonald’s or Chuck E. Cheese, formerly known as Showbiz Pizza. Those were the simpler days of sheet cakes, party clowns, and planning that took as long as the […]

Are birthday party favors necessary?

by admin on December 22, 2012

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Are birthday party favors necessary? – Children birthday parties are a staple of Western culture. Parents and family work tirelessly to make the day perfect, special, and above all fun as possible. Between cake, ice cream, games, presents, and invitations birthday parties are grand affairs that require quite a bit of planning. The cost mounts […]

Birthdays on 12/12/12

by admin on December 22, 2012

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How did kids celebrate their birthdays on 12-12-12? – There will never be another date like it in most of our lifetimes. 12/12/12 or 12-12-12 is the last repeating date most will ever see and so it held certain significance. What was also significant was that many youngsters celebrated their 12th birthday on the same […]