Celebrate your Birthday in Washington DC

by admin on April 19, 2013

There are several great places to celebrate a birthday in Washington, DC. Whether, you are craving home-style cooking, or if you are feeling a bit risky, craving something different, there are plenty of places to choose!

There is a French restaurant in the neighborhood of Georgetown, in Washington DC. Citronelle is fancy, romantic, and offers fun things for birthdays! This is somewhere you would take your spouse or significant other, not a child! They offer private spaces for guests that have a birthday (or party) group of up to fifty people. They offer birthday party entertainers to keep guests distracted while the food is cooking. The reviews on this restaurant are excellent! However, other restaurants provide better service for party guests.

These other restaurants include Cityzen. This is a much pricier restaurant, however offers so much more! Party guests with more than six people in their group order their food from a set menu, which costs two-hundred dollars. If your group is large, the host will take you to the “big” room that can hold up to twenty people. Cityzen custom makes birthday cakes! So, call ahead of time to get the birthday cake made so that it will be ready for you and your guests at the party.

If you like steakhouses, there are plenty to choose in Washington, but this one in particular is rated to be “most divine”. Volt is a nineteenth century mansion that has been made into a fabulous restaurant. Volt offers private dining spaces for groups up to eighty people! Do not forget about the glassed-in rounded room they have for parties of 12 or less!

If you have children, they are not going to want something fancy where they have to be quiet. That is boring! They will want casual dining where they can eat a burger without having to place a napkin in their lap! If this sounds like the situation you are stuck with, Good Stuff Eatery is the perfect place to decide on. One special birthday service they offer for parties of ten or more is sitting at the “family farm” table! You and your guests will get a slice of signature birthday cake, compliments of the kitchen, and get to choose delicious burger, steaks, hot dogs, or more!

Celebrate your Birthday in Washington DC

Now, for those routy husbands; Thirsty Bernie will be his favorite eating spot! Thirsty Bernie has fifteen flat-screen TVs, linebacker sized meat options, forty different kinds of beer ranging from Coors Light to Dos Equis, and they specialize in birthday pizza-parties!

Are you not in the mood for burgers and hot dogs? Well then, choose Surfside where you and your birthday guests can sit on the roof (if you have a party of fifty people or more). You can choose the hours too, from 2-6p.m. or 10-midnight. The chef will custom design a buffet of foods you choose, and when you and your guests are done eating, you can go to the Surfside bakery, and order your custom-made cupcakes or cake.

Are you craving something different, maybe a little odd? If so, choose to eat at Poste. Poste is healthier, cleaner than, and not as greasy as the other places. In fact, they grow their own herbs on the back patio! There is a long, marble table for guests of 6-12, where guests choose one (only one) animal to eat for their entrée, duck, goat, pig, brisket, lamb, squab, salmon, or poussin is spit-roasted over hickory wood. Make reservations for the Poste at least 1 week in advance, because they are very popular and busy!

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