Celebrate your Birthday with 6 Cool Fall Decorations

by admin on September 11, 2013

When autumn or fall comes, there is always that dramatic-movie feel in the surroundings. But it is also the time for Mother Nature to be at its best. If you are throwing a birthday party during this season in your house, then bring inside your house the beauty of autumn. It is going to be a different yet exciting celebration to be in, share with, and reminisce for the rest of your life.

Here are just some great fall decorations that would make your guests wow:

1. Scented candles

Candles make the place warmer and inviting for guests especially if you decorate pebbles, or flowers around them. You can place them in front of mirror to brighten the place a bit more. You can also put these candles under decorated shades to make it more interesting and for the flames go softer. To establish an autumn feel for your house, choose scented candles with pumpkin, cinnamon or apple aroma. You can also add potpourri in vases or wooden box-like container. It will give the house that seasonal ambiance and it is also an appealing decoration for your guests.

2. Mum garden for patio

All are not dried during fall. Mum garden brings color and beauty for your patio or front porch. Mum that is made by florist is perfect inside. Choose the pleasant colors like yellow or purple and put them in autumn-inspired pots which are a plus for the overall aesthetic of the house.

3. Fall-inspired pillows and rugs

If your furniture is bright-colored but want to tone it down to compliment your fall decorations, then make use of pillows and rugs with yellow, red, brown or orange shades. This will definitely make your house achieve that seasonal feel.

Celebrate your Birthday with 6 Cool Fall Decorations

4. Wreath

Like mistletoe for Christmas, this also goes for your front door. Pick up some pine cones, corn husks and dried leaves and use them as your primary materials for your wreath. You can make it simple by creating a bouquet of dried flowers and use a ribbon to tie them all up.

5. Leaf Garland

Leaf garland is one of the most attractive fall decorations for your home. You will use artificial or plastic leaves for this decoration and also needles and long strings to make these pieces into one. It can be placed on the frame of your door, banister, fireplace mantle and also on your porch.

6. Carved pumpkin

One of the famous choices for fall decorations, carving your pumpkin brings out your creativity. It takes about two simple steps to make your own pumpkin lit up your house. First, cut out the stem then drill holes, and second place inside the lit candle. This is a captivating way to illuminate your house.

Fall decorations bring a unique ambiance to your house especially to your party. It would surely be remembered by your guests. These are just some of the beautiful decorations. You can find lots of them online with step-by-step blog or video on how to do it yourself. Just be creative and make use of the resources you can find in your backyard.

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