Celebrity Children Birthday Parties

by admin on December 25, 2012

Take a peek at celebrity children birthday parties

Being the child of a celebrity may at times seem daunting and the attention overwhelming. However, there are some perks that come with being such a child. Taking a look at the daily lives of celebrity kids can make any average person a bit green with envy, but the birthday parties and gifts lavished on the wealthy tots can make anyone morph into a green-eyed monster.

When many were children birthday parties were at McDonald’s or the local pizza place, Chuck E. Cheese was Showbiz Pizza, and it wasn’t considered sexist to let your little girl have a Barbie doll birthday party. Nowadays birthdays are becoming more and more lavish. The stars especially are part of this trend and are taking things a bit farther every day. Boat rides, catering, birthday cakes, and petting zoos all top the list as celebrities try and make their little ones birthdays memorable.

Celeb tots party in style on birthdays

For Suri Cruise’s second birthday mom and dad, otherwise known as the now divorced Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, spent over $10,000 for the cake and decorations alone. The cake itself was $5,000. Along with a meal catered by Wolfgang Puck himself, little Miss Cruise had quite the day when she turned 2 years old as did the hundreds of people her mommy and daddy invited to share in the festivities.

Celebrity Children Birthday Parties

For their son Pax’ 7th birthday, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went all out for their little boy. Pax was treated to a privately chartered boat for $7,000. The little boy and his guests also enjoyed a rented zoo. While the team of Jolie-Pitt are known for their generous donations they certainly share that generosity with their little ones as well. It is worth mentioning the boat they chartered t took their brood and Pax’ friends on a Parisian river cruise.
This brings us to the Beckhams of soccer and fashion fame. When their son Brooklyn turned 6, the little boy was treated to a new playhouse placed on the estate. Built specifically for the Beckhams little one it cost around $187,000. Some people reading this may be thinking that money would have made a full payment on a first home. The Beckhams, however, are always stylish and make certain their little ones share in the bounty of their fortune.

Not all celebrity kids are spoiled or are given the gift of petting zoos, trained makeup artists for playtime, or get to cruise down a river that most adults would have to save years to afford or dream about. Some celebs are happy with smaller scale parties at their homes with just some family and friends. Those parties don’t make the news. It seems that if there isn’t a huge carnival on the family estate, it’s just not a party.

We all know the average person could never afford private zoos, custom build playhouses, or a complete circus set up in their backyard. It is fun to look and dream and wonder what it would be like to treat your child to a lavish birthday party like the children of the stars are accustomed. Still, McDonald’s and Chuck E. Cheese are loads of fun and perfect for those on a modest budget. Just make sure to bring some quarters along and some party hats and you’re all set.

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