Children’s Birthday Party Games Great Fun for Everyone.

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So you have the decorations up, the party food is all organized, the birthday cake is iced, now all that’s left to do is organize the children’s birthday party games. Most parents quake at the thought of having to entertain a houseful of excited children with party games and activities for the day. Don’t despair whether you are entertaining the kids inside or outside there are plenty of party games to keep everyone entertained.

Planning about what games to have in a kids birthday party is not at all difficult. There are a lot of available children’s birthday party games that will just come out from your mind. Experiences during childhood will always give you great suggestions on fun party games.

Without great games a birthday party can quickly turn into pure chaos, what with kids all hyped up on ice cream, sugary lollies and birthday cake they need a way to expend that extra energy.

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  • Always plan how long your games will take, so you know exactly how many games you need to keep the children entertained for the whole length of the party.
  • It is a good idea to plan at least four more games than you think you will require that way if your games do finish early you will still be able to entertain everyone.

Children’s Birthday Party Games

Children’s birthday party games cover so many different categories. There are games for girls, games for boys, there are fun games to get kids to use their brains, and there are indoor games, outdoor games, dress up games and the favorite games everyone loves to play.

Birthday parties should be fun and when there are so many cheap affordable party games to choose everyone will be included. With all this choice nobody will be bored.

Top List of Children’s Birthday Party Games

Candy Bar Game
. This game is so simple that it’s easy for the kids to participate. What you have to do is gather them, ask any questions answerable by them or let them perform certain challenges. The kid who can do these will get the reward which is the Candy Bar.

Birthday Bingo
. This game is recommended for the second graders. Provide them a personalized Bingo Card and have them decode and cross out the secret birthday message. The kid who completes it becomes the winner and will be rewarded any price you set.

Hot Potato Game. This game could be a lot more fun. All you need to prepare is a Hot Potato and a timer. Have the kids gathered in a circle. Let them pass to one another the Hot Potato until the timer stops. The kid who is holding the Hot Potato will be out of the game. This goes on and on until only one is left and he or she is the winner.

Sock Game. You need to prepare two laundry baskets and fill them with the same amount of socks. Split the children into two groups and have them fall in line. They will only have 60 seconds to wear the socks. One person from each group goes at a time. When 60 seconds is over, you will then find out which group wears most socks. The group who has more socks is the winner.


Red/Green Light. This is fun and action paced. This could be done outdoor. Before the game starts, prepare two lengths of rope about 25 feet apart. These ropes serve as the start and finish lines. Now, have the kids stand up at the starting line while the birthday celebrant stands at the finishing line. The birthday celebrant’s role is to act like the Police Officer and has to turn back on the participants and shouts, “Green light!”. After doing that, he or she turns around and counts from one to five. While he or she is counting, the participants then run as fast as they could to reach the finish line. If the Police Officer finishes his or her count, the participants stop running. If anyone is caught moving, he or she goes back from the starting line. This goes on and on until one person finally reaches the finish line and wins.

Indoor and Outdoor Children’s Birthday Party Games

Children’s birthday party games don’t need to cost a fortune. Some of the best games to play cost hardly anything at all. One of the first party games kids learn to play is pass the parcel, and no matter how old kids get they still love this classic game.

Parents especially love the outdoor games as it keeps the kids active and the house a little cleaner. Some of the most popular outdoor children’s birthday party games are:

  • Sack Race
  • Kick the Can
  • Skipping
  • Red Rover
  • Capture the Flag
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Mud Pies
  • Finger Painting
  • Limbo

If you do need to have your party games inside don’t worry there are plenty of indoor birthday party games to keep the children entertained:

  • The classic pass the parcel
  • Musical chairs
  • Balloons Up
  • Mix em Up
  • Dog and Bone
  • Simon Says
  • Pin the tail on the Donkey
  • Duck Duck Goose

These kids birthday party games are just a few ideas for your next party. There are so many wonderful games out there that you can use at your party. Use your imagination these games can all be altered to suit a party theme. You could have pin the eye patch on the pirate instead on the classic pin the tail on the donkey.

Your child’s birthday party should be fun for all involved including you the parents. If you don’t have a big budget don’t worry the children will have a good time no matter what they are doing as long as they are entertained.

When organizing these games, you need to provide the children simple and clear instructions. Prizes and rewards are always expected. These things will make your child’s birthday party even more enjoyable and fun.

Now, all you will have to worry about is cleaning up the mess at the end of the birthday party, but you can be satisfied in knowing you threw a great birthday party for your child.

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