Choosing a First Birthday Party Theme for your Child

by Sherry on September 16, 2012

Having a baby is a great milestone in life for any parent. Forget the sleepless nights and the never ending crying, the circles under your eyes and lack of adult contact during the day when your spouse is at work. It is a happy moment when your baby learns to seat up, crawl and even walk.

We are always quick to record those moments and when baby turns a year old, we part ourselves on the back and thank God that you made it through that year without any major glitches! This is why celebrating the first birthday for any of your kids brings joy to any parent’s heart. Choosing a first birthday party theme need not be a daunting task. The child cannot speak for himself and thus you are the one to decide what theme will be used to celebrate his or her first birthday.

The first thing you should do when choosing a first birthday party theme for your child, is the resources you have and what you are willing to spend to see the theme come alive. There are themes that require a lot of planning and a considerable amount of resources to carry them out.

First Birthday Party Theme

Make sure you pick a theme that will not leave a whole in your pockets! The second thing you should consider when choosing a party theme for your child is the character of the child as well as his or her nature. You can tell what your child likes or does not like.

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Look at all the things that the child likes and formulate a theme around it. Your kid may not know what is going on around them in the theme department at that tender age, but it can be a great story (complete with pictures and a video recording if you can) on how he or she celebrated his or her first birthday party.

Most people forget that adults will be the ones who will be enjoying the birthday party and appreciating the happenings there. When choosing the party theme, do not make it so child centered that the adults are alienated from the party.

Find a balance and remember that your child is the main attraction, the very important person on that day; the chief guest of honor! Food and drink is also an important consideration when you are picking a theme.

The theme determines the type of food you will serve and hence look at the food you would like to serve and then formulate a theme around it. Remember that the food should not only be adult friendly but also kid friendly! Make sure that you have some snacks the kids will enjoy and some that the adults will enjoy.

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Another top consideration of choosing a first birthday party theme is the games that the children will play. You do not want the children playing in the pool or getting access to sharp objects or swallowing their play toys. Make sure that the games chosen are safe and that the children can easily play the games you have in mind.

You could also have a game for the adults to play so that they can also feel part and parcel of the birthday party. The first birthday is a big deal, but do not go all splashy and expensive on the theme!

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