Chuck E Cheeses Birthday Party for my 8 year old son!

by admin on October 20, 2012

Every child wants to have that awesome birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses. My son, Mikey, was no exception. Previously we had lived in an area where Chuck E Cheeses would have been a fairly long trip. We moved to an area where Chuck E Cheeses was actually an option. My son had always wanted a party there and this year I felt it was time to give him what he wanted for his eighth birthday. We invited a few friends and family members through Chuck E Cheese invitations and set the party for 6pm on a Saturday on New Circle Road in Lexington, Ky.

It was actually quite easy to set up the party. I reserved a time on Chuck E Cheeses website and put how many children and adults would be attending. I then picked out the cake and how many coins for each child. I also picked out the pizzas. It was really simple. I paid for the reserved amount with my credit card. Anything we spend over that would automatically be charged to my card.

We were the first to arrive with our arms full of presents and my son with a huge smile on his face. We entered and was immediately stamped with the safety feature all Chuck E Cheeses have that will not allow anyone to take your child out of the building! Next my son was given the little Chuck E Cheese King’s hat and a sticker showing he was the birthday boy. We were seated with a table that was beautifully decorated with bright colors and his name.

We were immediately given cups of coins for children to enjoy the rides and games. After this all the children started trickling in. Everyone enjoyed pizza to their full while we waited for everyone to arrive. We then accompanied the children to the games area where we watched them for the next thirty minutes or so use up all their coins.

Once everyone was back to the table we watched a beautiful show by Chuck E and two assistants. There also was a cute little video displayed on the screen before the show that put all the children in a party mood. Then Happy birthday was sung by everyone including Chuck E to my son. He then blew out his candles and the assistant cut the cake.

After the children enjoyed their cake it was time to open the presents. Of course my son got way more than he needed but hey it was his birthday.

My son said this was the best party he had ever had. And this year we will be having his party there as well! All of the children had such a great time that they keep asking me when I’m having Mikey’s party again.

The best part about the party as a Mother was the fact that someone else did all the cleaning up! All I had to do was get the receipt from the assistant for the bill which was a little over $115 and my job was done!This amount is nothing compared to the fun my son and his friends had at this party. This is the way to go when having a party. The children have a ball and the parents have no messes!

Submitted by Elizabeth Baldwin

Chuck E Cheeses Birthday Party

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