Circus Theme Birthday Party

by admin on September 18, 2012

Top 3 Circus Theme Birthday Party Games Ideas

A fun and exciting theme for both girls and boys is a circus theme which is usually a hit with adults too as it is not as childish as a cartoon character party. Children love the bright colors, sounds and games associated with circuses and so here are a few ideas to get your birthday party started:

Face painting

This is a great task for older siblings or grandparents so that they can join in the party too. If all the children queue up to have their faces painted at once, give them each a number and tell them to come back when their number is called so that they can enjoy other games while they are waiting.

circus birthday party

Make a clown hat

Before the party, cut out circles out of colored card (you can draw around a large bowl) and then cut them through the middle to create semi-circles. Roll and stick/glue each semi circle so that it forms a cone shape, attach some elastic to each cone (for under the chin) and stack together to save space. The children can then white their names on, stick on a pompom at the top and decorate with glitter pens, foam shapes, feathers etc.


Pin the Nose on the clown

Draw a big clown face or create one out of felt on a large poster board which says ‘Happy Birthday (name)’ underneath. Make loads of round red noses and stick some Velcro or double sided tape on the underside. Write each child’s name on as you give it to them, blindfold and let them stick it on the board. The child who gets it closest to the right place can win a small prize like a sweet or clowns nose.

Dress Up

Place some clown clothes (e.g. wig, oversize sunglasses) amongst scarves and large trousers in a pile near a mirror so the children can try them on and then see what they look like.


Circus Birthday Party Food

Serve snacks that you associate with carnivals such as popcorn in cones, nachos, chocolate/toffee apples, fruit cubes on skewers, mini hotdogs wrapped in dough and fruit pizzas (lightly cover the base with chocolate spread and arrange the fruit in the shape of a clown face e.g. watermelon slice for the hat, halved grapes for the eyes, apple slice for the mouth and a strawberry half for the nose)

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