Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Birthday Party

by admin on October 22, 2012

This birthday idea would work great for a child ages 7-13 but we actually used it for my boyfriends 21st birthday.

His favorite film is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and we thought that an excellent way to celebrate is to watch the film and eat the food as it appears on the screen in a giant feast.

The preparation for this party took two weeks of planning but definitely could be done in only one.

First, I watched the film very closely writing down every food that appears in the movie. Then I had to take a giant trip to the grocery store and prepare all of the food.

Since we invited around twenty people to the party we had to make a ton of food so that everyone could sample at least one of everything in the movie. We had sardines, a fruit bar, pizza, cake, ice cream, steak, pies, candies, jello, hamburgers, and lots more.

cloudy meat birthday party

We prepared half of the food at my house the day before the party which turned out to be not the best idea since we ended up hosting the party at his house and transportation wasn’t exactly easy.

On the day of the party we prepared the rest of the food at his house- this was the food that needed to be hot for the party. It took around twelve total hours of cooking to prepare the entire feast and I’m proud to say that, minus the burgers, I did it all myself.

An hour before his friends arrived we pulled the dining room table into the living room and set all the food up around the couches so that it would be easy for the guests to grab each item as it appeared on the screen.

When his friends arrived I was still putting the finishing touches on the decorations. We had brightly colored streamers all over the room to match the bright colors in the film.

Before the party officially started we explained to all the guests how the party was going to work. We told them to all grab a plate and fill it with as many items as they could. We then told them to try their best to wait to eat their food until we were watching the movie and the items appeared on the screen.

At first we were worried that they wouldn’t understand or find this fun but once we were all seated with our platters of food and the movie was running we found it very fun trying to eat the food as soon as it appeared on screen.

Some parts of the film were more challenging than others as several items of food would fly on the screen at the same time and we had to eat quickly. Our guests found this absolutely hilarious. Overall, the party seemed to be a huge success.

When we were finished with the film we cracked open a couple cases of beers and played drinking games the rest of the night but for a children’s party games such as Apples to Apples or Cranium could easily substitute.

The total cost of the dinner was around $300 which is more than we have ever spent on a party before but since it was for a special year and we had so much fun we both agreed that it was worth it.

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