College Birthday Party

by admin on November 27, 2012

College Birthday Party Planning Ideas – When we go off to college we naturally assume there will be parties to attend and to plan. make sure that you start planning birthday party well in advance. It is important to be organized, especially if you are planning a surprise birthday party for a roommate or best friend. Make sure that the person doesn’t have any plans of their own, if they do you can plan it for the night before. This will also throw the birthday person off the scent.

If renting a venue is too pricey try having it at a home of a friend or the fraternity or sorority house. The location is very important to the success of the surprise. Keep the guest list as small as possible. Do not let your desire to make a name for yourself interfere with being practical. The more people at the party the easier it is for something to go wrong and for things to get out of hand.

Below are a few ideas that can turn the college themed birthday party from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

College Birthday Party

College Birthday Party themes

One way to take your party up a notch is to plan a themed college birthday party. College is about having fun and you know your friends would love the idea of dressing up to fit a time or event.

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  • Famous Stars from Hollywood. There are so many ways you could go with this one. You could have everyone to dress up as their favorite star. Or as a character the star played.
  • Movies are a great source of inspiration, plan a zombie party or for a female a Twilight party. You can do or be whoever or whatever you want at a party like this.
  • A perennial collegiate favorite is the TOGA party. This is the most inexpensive dress up party that you could plan. Bed sheets are inexpensive sandals are too and underwear is optional. You can find foam or cheap plaster columns and busts to complete the feel of ancient Greece.
  • A Luau is also another favorite that is easy to pull off. This birthday party can be held out doors in the spring and summer or indoors. Indoors decorate with silk flowers, palm fronds, tropical flowers and sprays of orchids either real or plastic. Hawaiian music will make the entire evening more enjoyable.

In addition to a great theme you also will need plenty of food and beverages. You can find recipes online to fit into any theme. What is a Birthday Party without a birthday cake, whether the party is for a male or female (Read post: Night out in Boston For College Girl Birthday Party!) the “stripper in the cake” bit is a classic.

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There are five elements that make a good college birthday party great, drinking, idle banter, drinking, silly games and more drinking, not that we advocate underage drinking but hey this is college right.

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