“Come as You Were” ’90s Birthday Party

by admin on October 21, 2012

I recently helped throw a 30th birthday party for a girlfriend of mine who grew up in the ’90s, and the theme was “Come as You Were.” It’s a play on a popular Nirvana song called “Come as You Are.”

The idea is that birthday party guests should come dressed as they would look in the 1990s. Nirvana was one of the most popular bands back then, so we thought it was pretty funny to make the theme of the party related to one of their songs.

A majority of the people who were invited to the party were in their late 20s or early 30s, so they were teenagers or pre-teens during the 1990s.

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Send out an online invitation

We used the online website Evite to send out electronic invitations to guest list of about 50 people. In the invitation, we encouraged guests to go through their old clothes from the ’90s and wear an outfit that showed how they looked back then. Maybe it was flannel shirts, or hip hop clothes, or whatever.

We also asked guests to bring a photo of themselves in 1990s, and said it would be especially great if they had a photo of themselves wearing the actual outfit they would be wearing at the party.

90s birthday party

Some people arrived to the party with the photo pinned to their shirt so everyone could see it. For other people, we pinned the photos on a bulletin board at the party.

People were able to vote on which was the best picture. We put the birthday girl’s photo in the center.

Party Places

The party was held at an apartment in downtown Chicago that belonged to a good friend of the birthday girl. He moved all of his furniture out of the living room space to create a dance floor, and put up balloons everywhere. Music was key to the theme of the party. We asked a good friend of ours to be a DJ and also asked for music suggestions in the Evite.

We put a note that said, “When you RSVP, let us know your favorite jam from the 1900s and we’ll make sure to play it!” We got a ton of great suggestions, from alternative bands like Pearl Jam and Alice and Chains, to hip hop and dance hits from groups like C&C Music Factory. As it turned out, one of the most popular songs was a single from the band Wilson Phillips, which everyone sang along to and got played at least five different times throughout the night.

Thankfully, our DJ also brought with him a powerful sound system, so we could have the music up pretty loud. This really made it fun for everyone. Toward the end of the party, everyone was enjoying remembering the songs from their high school days, and dancing to the hip hop songs.

Food Party

For food, we asked everyone to either bring a drink or an appetizer to the party, so we had a huge selection of great food to choose from. We also had a very good supply of alcohol.

We also played some silly party games that reminded people of being in high school in the 1990s.

A few hours into the party, after everyone had had a few drinks, we played “Seven Minutes in Heaven.” Near midnight, we brought out a big cake with 30 candles for the birthday girl and the DJ played the Nirvana song “Come as You Are.” Everyone sang along, danced and celebrated. It was a great time!

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