Constellation Cookie Party for 5 year old girl

by admin on October 23, 2012

I threw my 5 year-old daughter a Constellation Cookie party this last year per her request.

Cookie Birthday Party Invitations

I started with the invitations. I handmade each one as she only had about 10 kids she wanted to invite. I wrote the party information in the middle of the paper and then drew four to five constellations that my daughter was familiar with around the wording then I colored around the constellations with black colored pencil for a night sky effect and put glitter glue on the constellations to give them more dimension and be more easily seen. I colored each star in each constellation yellow for them to be seen better. I put each one in its own envelope then handed them out or mailed them accordingly.

Cookie Party Decorations

Next I made the decorations:

  • I cut out large stars from blue and white colored construction paper and punched a hole on one tip of each star so I could thread a piece of balloon ribbon through it so they could all be hung from the ceiling.
  • I hung them up spaced evenly throughout the kitchen, living room, the hallway and even into my daughter’s bedroom. I hung blue and white streamers in between the stars for a more festive look.

cookie birthday party

Cookie Party Food and drinks

My daughter made the suggestion of making a menu to show what options her guests would have for food and drinks.

Using white poster board we wrote out a menu of three different cookie options, cut vegetable platter with ranch dip and hummus, fruit platter with strawberry yogurt dip and the two different varieties of chips and salsa and queso dips that could be used with them.

  • One cookie option was a sugar cookie with a well-known constellation drawn on it with blue or black cookie icing and I used white chocolate chips for identifying galaxies.
  • The other options were a plain chocolate chip cookie and a plain oatmeal raisin cookie.


Drinks put on the menu were two different fruit juices for the kids along with water bottles and two different soda options for the adults . Next we hung the menu on the fridge so everyone could see it.

We then made a banner for the guests, so they knew they were in the correct place. On another piece of white poster board, we wrote in colorful bubble letters “Welcome to My Star Cookie Party” and added lots of stars and cookie drawings to it.

Cookie Party Games and activity

I knew I would need to come up with some entertainment for all of the kids so I made a “Pin the Chocolate Chip on the Cookie” board game and found a craft using large circle foam boards and lots of self-sticking star and planet pieces at the store.

I arranged the living room so all the furniture would face the TV and set up my game console for use by a few of the adults.


Another activity was the water balloon fight after presents were opened. I had my husband and a few other of the adults present help set up as many water balloons as we could get done in an hour (which was quite a few) and put them into six different large plastic tubs so we could split the kids up into small teams with an adult on each team to help out the kids if needed. It only lasted a few minutes but turned out to be the second highlight of the evening.

We started the birthday party in the evening, closer to sunset, so we could take the kids out and look at the stars as the last part of the party. We had charts printed out of several constellations and major stars that could be seen that night and asked the kids to find as many as they could. This was the highlight of the party.

With entertainment out of the way, next came party favors for all of the kids. I went to several major chain drug stores during the Halloween and Christmas seasons and found lots of little goodies to stuff the party favor bags with.


Among a few items I found were constellation themed pencils, small notepads, small-sized brand-name bubbles and star-themed erasers. I also printed out 2 constellation coloring pages for each of the kids.

The party was a success with all of the 4-8 year-olds that attended and most of all, with my daughter. I can only hope to come up with as good an idea next year!

Submitted by Sami from Texas

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