Construction Birthday Party

by admin on November 27, 2012

Construction Birthday Party Planning: It seems that building is encoded into the human DNA and a child as young as six months will exhibit the need to arrange things in their surroundings. A construction birthday party is a great idea for a child of almost any age.

Construction themed birthday party invitations

The invitations are among the easiest to make, there is just so much to choose from. You can make beautiful invitations that resemble a “men at work” sign. All you will need yellow construction paper and a black sharpie, make triangles and outline them with the sharpie. Using a stencil write out the words “Stop! Men at Work”. Put the party details on the other side.

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Dress Code

Include in the details that the guest are expected to dress for work. Jeans, tees, flannel shirts and boots are standard construction worker dress.

Construction Birthday Party Decorations:

under construction birthday party supplies

  • Decorating the work site will be even easier since you can buy real construction tape at many hardware stores.
  • Use orange and black balloons with various quotes from road signs and signs you would normally see at real construction sites.
  • On the door there should be a large poster board announcing “KIDS AT WORK”.
  • Make other large standing signs for sayings like, Road Work Ahead, Heavy equipment in use and Hard Hat Area.

For construction birthday party supplies such as plates, napkin and cups go to a party supply store, there will surely be fun shapes that be incorporated into your construction birthday party theme.

Under Construction birthday party free printable

Construction site birthday party Activities

Set up several small tables with different building projects for activities during the party. Lego’s and other building blocks will surely make the night a hit with the kids. Lincoln logs and erector sets can round out the activity tables.

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Plan the best, the biggest, the most outrageous types of contests, providing themed prizes for the winners.

To save time on the clean up have whisk brooms or push brooms available and make it a party game. A part of any construction site it he construction clean up crew. Keeping children entertain right up to the last minute, especially after they have had the ice cream, cake and present opening is hard.

Construction birthday quote

Construction truck birthday party food and favors
hard hat pop cakes for construction birthday party
Keeping with the construction theme, food is a must. This to can be a construction project, have each child build their own personal pizza. Using canned biscuits as the crust they can pound them flat then builds them adding various toppings. While the pizza is baking have another game going.

The birthday cake can be a thing of beauty. Decorate any layer or even a sheet cake with chocolate frosting. Buy toy earth movers and make miniature frosting cones in orange. There are lots of places online where you can picks of cakes made by other moms to give you ideas.

Finally, send each guest home with a little reminder of their time, buy inexpensive toy tools, tool belts and even Lego kits. The fun doesn’t have to stop because the party is over.

More ideas on Construction Themed Birthday Party

under construction birthday party

There are lots of ideas for Construction Themed Birthday Party on this blog. The picture above is the table where you sign in for “get to work” and everyone will get the hard hat and toolbox. It was an inspired party, and that’s why I share it here.

Construction Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

A creative party food ideas for Construction Themed birthday party. You can see there is a cupcake with truck graphic on the topper, a tool shaped sugar cookies, a pretzel in a dump truck, not to forget a m&m colored chocolate. See the details in Jessica Levitt’s blog

Construction Themed Birthday Party Supplies

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Construction Birthday Pictures on Pinterest

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