Cookie Monster Birthday Ideas

by admin on December 26, 2012

Cookie Monster and Sesame Street always a great ideas

Sesame Street is still as popular as ever. That’s why for younger children, both boys and girls, Cookie Monster is a great theme to plan. With easy to find items online and in retail stores, Cookie Monster adds fun and happiness to every party. It doesn’t hurt his main snack is a cookie either.

Cookie Monster Birthday Ideas

Cookie Monster Birthday Ideas
The fun and hungry for cookies monster that lives on Sesame Street makes kiddies smile. Always a great theme, and somewhat easy with the material, smaller children will probably love this more than older ones. Shindigz is a great place to start with napkins, plates, balloons, decorations and dress up outfits. With a wide variety to choose from little boys and little girls will be taken care of.

While hostess is a good site for personalized stationary pertaining to the Cookie Monster theme. There are stickers, napkins, invitations, and many other items to choose from if parents want a more elegant and personal touch.

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Decorate Your Party with Cookie Monster Balloons

Balloons are important as well in dark blue or with Cookie Monster’s face right on them. Children will want to see Cookie Monster everywhere in their home or backyard so make it plain that the monster is the key and the child is the star.

Making balloons is also an idea. Finding specific Cookie Monster balloons isn’t always easy. That’s when making eyes with construction paper and markers are good to try and then cut out a mouth from black construction paper. Glue them onto the balloon and now there is a Cookie Monster face. This can be done for invitations on a smaller scale as well.

Cake Decorations for Cookie Monster Birthday Ideas

Instead of cake it might be interesting to make a large cookie instead. Any cookie will do and can be decorated to suit any little child. Parents can make cupcakes instead on their own if they don’t want to spend much on a cake and make the decorations and theme more important. Little miniature cookies in treat bags could be used as party favors in blue bags.

On cups, break smaller cookies in half and then glue that half on the blue cup and then some googly eyes above the cookie. This works on cupcakes too by placing a small cookie in the mouth on the cupcake adds a bit of flair. Pasting a black mouth and googly eyes on plain blue birthday hats is also a good way to personalize generic items.

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Centerpiece for Cookie Monster Birthday Ideas

The center pieces can be simply cookies themselves or a plate of cookies with balloons tied on it. Something more elegant would be blue mums with tiny cookies in the vase. A huge cookie jar would work as well. Cookies should be scattered everywhere. The theme does not really cater to those who aren’t going to let their children have sweets so that should be taken into consideration.

Cookie Monster Birthday Ideas Tips:

  • Cookies everywhere! Cookie Monster face is easy to make. Place it on birthday cake, cupcake, or any craft for games
  • Cookie Monster theme is an easy DIY project
  • Perfect for toddler

Never be afraid to try something outside the box and while cookies are the theme, if there are parents worried about too much sugar there are inventive ways around this. Fruit pizza can look and taste as sweet as cookies and veggies can be arranged in a cookie shape as well. It won’t hold the true essence of Cookie Monster but it is a compromise if some parents won’t’ want their children eating too many sweets.

Cookie Monster Birthday Party Games Ideas

Since this theme will work for younger kids it’s okay to make the games for the party simpler. Counting cookies, duck ponds in small wading pools, I spy, relay races, and sack tosses will work amazingly well. The kids can have little medals made out of cookies if they win an event or receive a special treat bad with many different cookie assortments.

Have the kids make a Cookie Monster face themselves on paper plates or color printouts for craft time. Even give them balloons to glue their own faces on at some point. Finding something to maintain the little one’s attention won’t be hard as crayons, paper, and glue will go a long way with this simple theme.

There are also stuffed dolls that can be passed out to each child or just used to decorate around the room. Piñata’s are nice ideas but can be expensive if bought premade. It’s easy to make a piñata with a little crepe paper or construction and papier-mâché is fun and something the kids can get involved in as well.

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The Cookie Monster theme has so many possibilities and is such a simple idea that can be made into a huge affair. Do it yourself ideas and lots of family input makes this theme one of the most fun. Kids of all age will even like to help parents with their sibling’s birthday when they remember Cookie Monster themselves. The important part is to find dark blues, use cookies, and have fun when throwing it all together.

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