Cowboy birthday party: Welcome to the Wild West!

by Sherry on September 12, 2012

Planning A Cowboy birthday party

I grew up watching western movies and the gun fights captivated me. As a boy growing up, I dream of becoming a cowboy. I do not know if I am cut out for life in the ranch herding cattle but I still forge on with my dream. It is never too late to achieve your dreams, I believe.

My young boy seems to have been bitten by the cowboy bug like me and he told me he wanted a cowboy birthday party to celebrate turning eight years old! Seeing that I am neither an events planner nor any good in organizing and shopping, I enlisted my beautiful wife’s help. What would I do without that beautiful woman?

I think if it were left to me it would be more of a pooper than a party. Seeing that we do not have a large enough backyard to make the cowboy party come alive, we used my mother in law’s backyard which she gladly lent us (anything for her handsome grandson!).


Cowboy birthday party Decorations

I was charged with making a juice bar (a look alike to the saloons I used to see in western movies) that would serve as the food and beverage service area. It was nothing elaborate, but it would suffice. At least I had somewhere to put my carpentry skills on!

We had to acquire bales that would be used as seats on the backyard and we also hired an electric bull that would be used in the games section of the party.

To give the cowboy birthday party an authentic feel, we put up wanted posters with faces of my son and some of his friends.

I also portioned the backyard to reflect the jail house, a sheriff’s office and a stable where the electric bull was placed. I also put up cardboard sign’s naming the buildings after my son and his best friends.


I also put up some cactus like props around the yard to take us a little bit back to the Wild West. You would thing I was planning my own birthday party! I would have done more but my wife curtailed any further building.

cowboy birthday party

This is what we do to create Cowboy birthday party

  • My son made and his older siblings made invitation cards shaped like a horse shoe and some like tiny cowboy hats and sent them out to the little cowboys and cowgirls who were invited to the cowboy birthday party.
  • My wife bought some red bandanas as well as cowboy hats that the children would dress up in when they came for the birthday party.
  • We also bought some steak, hot dogs, chicken drumsticks, corn, hamburgers and chilli as well as root beer (that would be served in canteens) and an assortment of milk and juices.
  • We even made a pineapple mint juice which my wife aptly named cactus juice.
  • The children also had fun giving the dishes old western sounding names and they even came up with a cowboy skit.
  • There were kids dressed up as a Sheriff, others as the outlaws and the rest as towns people and they had fun playing cowboy games and the electric bull was a hit!


The ice on the cowboy birthday party was the cake. It was a cowboy ranch complete with cattle, horses, horse shoe prints and hay that the kids were reluctant to cut and dig into at first as it was a masterpiece of art! All in all, it was a birthday party to be rivaled and I am looking forward to the next themed party.

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