Dirty 30 for Nick’s 30’th Birthday!

by admin on November 7, 2012

My good friend Nick recently turned 30 years old! Nick was dreading his 30th birthday and commonly referred to it as his big “dirty 30” birthday. So we decided to plan a birthday in his honor and call the event “Dirty 30 for Nick’s 30’th Birthday!” We planned everything around the number thirty and also being dirty.

We set-up a Facebook event inviting people to attend the party dressed to look “dirty” and wear anything with the number 30 on it. Facebook was the best means of inviting people and managing the guest list.

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Then we went to a local party supply store and got some off color decorations in ugly green, brown, or yellowish orange. We planned a simple menu that focused on “dirty” foods. We planned to make meatballs in BBQ sauce using a crockpot, chips and black bean dip, and walking tacos.

The drink menu was simple….dirty martini’s, mudslides, concrete mixers, stout beer, and the cheapest lowest quality whiskey we could find. We then set-up various lawn games such as bags and ladder golf with adjusted rules to play to 30 points.

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We then decorated the house by using old clothes and throw away’s to make it look as dirty and messy as possible. We selected to rooms in the basement due to size and ease of clean up. We made the rooms look good and dirty with a dedicated bar, food buffet, games area, and two TV’s. We made stickers to match our theme declaring “dirty and 30!”. We handed out the sticker as a means to verify who paid the $5 cup fee. The $5 cup fee just barely covered the food and drinks so was a good decision.


Party went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time!

Submitted by Ryan Tupy

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