Disney Cars Birthday Party

by admin on November 27, 2012

Hosting A Disney Cars Birthday Party

Disney cars movie is one of my grandsons favorites and there are millions of children who are just like him. Surprise your little one with a cars birthday party themes. All it takes a bit of imagination to give your child a birthday to remember.

Things you will need for Disney Cars Birthday Party:

Disney Cars Birthday Party suppliesCheckered flag, finish line, and enough empty juice boxes for every child invited, straws, glue, a variety of decorations and Disney Cars birthday party supplies. You can find directions for this craft project online.


Disney Cars Birthday Party Invitations

The invitations should also carry the theme of the party. Make the invitations like an announcement about a big race. It should let the children know to come prepared to participate in the race. You should be able to find invitations with the cars theme online as well or perhaps you can look for printable Disney Cars invitation online and print it at home.

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Disney Cars birthday party invitation template 1

Disney Cars birthday party invitation template 2

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Cakes for Cars birthday party themes

You can also purchase a cars themed ice cream cake from a bakery or Baskin Robbins. If you are handy in the kitchen you can make the cake yourself using car shaped baking pans and buying cars themed cake toppers.

disney cars birthday party cakes

This Cars birthday party cake is made by Chocolate mud cake with a fondant on top. Decorated by Verusca Walker

Disney Cars Birthday Party Decorations

There are many characters to choose from and the decorations are relatively inexpensive. Most party supply stores have everything you need in stock to make your space look like a race forum.

Disney cars birthday party

Many people will do this one out of doors but it can also take place in an indoor space as long as you remove all the sharp corners so that there will be don accidents on the tracks.

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Here are few cars themed birthday party decorations:

  • Make a Mader piñata or one with Lightening McQueen on it. Children love piñata, fill them with individually wrapped goodies.
  • Cut out pictures of Lightening McQueen, Luigi. Doc Ramone and Mader, hang them suspended from the ceiling along with a picture of your child in a racing jacket. This will give the part the true feel of a racing forum.
  • Use movie posters and wall decals as well small toy race cars to enhance your theme.
  • Tablecloths, plates cups and napkins can be found online with the Disney movie theme. It may take a bit of work but the smiles and memories will be well worth it.

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For birthday game you can do a variation on “pin the tail on the donkey”, only in this game it would be put the headlight on the car, or tail pipe or racing stripe, whatever you decide will provide fun and laughter.

For party favors buy some inexpensive crayons and Disney Cars coloring books. Or cars sticker sheets, all kids love stickers. Besides each child also gets to take home their race car.

There you have just one idea for making your child’s Cars Birthday Party a success. You will find many more ideas online and you can also find everything you need from table cloths to presents online with a few simple searches. This cars birthday party themes will make your child fill like a champion with his friends.

Disney Cars Birthday Party ideas

I found this printable are great. You can buy them from this shop

disney cars birthday party theme

A great table setting ideas for outdoor celebrations from Treasures and Tiaras Kids Parties

disney cars birthday party theme

Another Disney cars birthday party theme ideas from Sweet Soirees

Disney Cars Birthday Pictures on Pinterest

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