Disney Princess Birthday Party

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Planning a Disney Princess Birthday Party

Do you have a little girl who loves Disney? Does she want you to hold her a Disney birthday party? One of the most popular themes for girls who want Disney birthday parties at the moment is Disney Princesses.

Is your daughter a Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine or Aurora girl? Which Disney princess does she want adorning her Disney birthday party?

Disney Princess Birthday Party Invitations:

Depending on how much you want to spend on the Disney birthday party, you have two options when it comes to invitations. The first is a more expensive option and that is heading into your local store and purchasing a packet of 10-20 invitations featuring a selection of Disney princesses e.g. Cinderella, Jasmine or Ariel.

The second option is to make your own birthday invitations; I always find this option more exciting as you can include the whole family in the creative process. If there is a favorite Disney princess that your daughter prefers, then you can print copies of the picture and glue onto pink or purple colored card as most girls love pink.

disney princess birthday party

Disney Princess Birthday Party Games:

With any birthday party, games are always a must and unlike boys – girls tend to have more enjoyment with sitting down and creating objects. Wondering what ideas to have at your daughter’s Disney birthday party?

Making Princess Crowns

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every Disney princess must be in want of the perfect crown. A fun activity is to have the girls decorate and create their own princess crowns. Set up a craft table complete with templates of crowns and add glitter, coloured pens, stickers and feathers etc. If you want to have a bit of a competition, you can also have a competition to judge the best Disney Princess crown.

Pin the Kiss on the Frog

One of the main themes that always occurs more often than not in Disney movies and is perfect for a Disney birthday party is the age old tale of kissing a frog that turns into a prince. Did your daughter see and enjoy the movie “The Princess and the Frog”? Like the game Pin the Tail on the donkey, you can create on a large piece of butcher paper a Frog and photocopy a number of lips on cardboard. Blindfold the girls and let them go wild trying to pin their kiss on the frog.

Pass the Poison Apple

Taking a leaf from the evil queen in Snow White and mixing it with the game Pass the Parcel we have Pass the Poison Apple. Get the children to all sit in a circle and to start passing the “poison apple” along and have music playing while they are passing it and then when the music stops, have the child who it has stopped on unwrap a layer – make sure between each layer is a little treat for the person who unwraps the parcel.

Musical Magic Carpets

Going for a Princess Jasmine theme for your Disney birthday party. Instead of musical chairs, host a game of musical magic carpets. Use towels instead of chairs, if needed ask parents to send the children to the party with a towel from home. Get the children to dance around and when the music stops, have them stand on a towel. As the game goes on, remove the carpets a couple at a time to make it more challenging. Be prepared for a round of squealing to go on.

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Disney Princess Birthday Party Food:

The three main things a Disney birthday party needs to function is invitations, games and food. Wondering what type of food princesses eat?

Ariel’s Treasure Chest

Since our Disney princess Ariel lives under the sea, you can make a treasure chest out of a shoebox or purchase one and fill it with chocolate coins and lots of other yummy goodies for the children to eat. In the treasure chest, can also be fish shaped or mermaid gingerbread cookies.

Disney Princess Tea Party

All Princesses love to have tea parties and Disney Princesses are no exception, an idea for the food at your next Disney birthday party could include a selection of cupcakes with of course pink frosting , little club sandwiches and juice or drinks in little teacups for the children.

Fairy Princess Bread

This was always a favorite of mine when I was little, you can cut the bread into specific shapes like crowns and other princessey objects. Use white bread, butter and sprinkle the bread with hundreds and thousands.

The Cake

This can come in all different ways, a great design to finish off your Disney birthday party is to have a castle cake for your child as every princess needs a castle.

With this guide, parents make your daughter’s dreams come true by planning her Disney birthday party using the theme of Disney Princesses.

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Disney princess birthday party

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