Dog Theme Birthday Party

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Planning A Dog Theme Birthday Party. You can make simple dog invitation at home by cutting out brown or cream card in a bone shape and then putting the party details inside.

If you want something a bit more special, you could tie a red ribbon around it into a bow or you could send home made doggy face masks with the details written behind it or on a separate paper in the envelope.

Alternatively, you could find a picture of a cartoon dog like Spot, Kipper, Scooby or Clifford on the internet and use this as a template or picture for the front of the birthday card (you could leave it as a print out so the recipient can color it in).

Dog Theme Birthday Party Games

You can turn the whole party into an ‘Adopt-a-dog’ party where the children all get a beanie/soft plush toy dog to take home with them. You need to buy a dog for each child (and one or two extra in case they wish to change them) and put them in a basket. Then get each child to select a puppy that they wish to adopt.

Pre-prepare some adoption certificates by printing them from the computer with some puppy graphics and blank fields including full name, date of birth, breed, gender, height and weight (you could fill in most of these fields beforehand for each bear if you wish and put a number on the bear so you just have to fill in the child’s chosen name).

Underneath these details, add a few sentences like ‘I promise to shower my pet with lots of love and attention, feed my pet every day and give my pet a happy and safe home. Signed by (space for name and signature)’. You can get parents to complete the paper work so they have something to do as well. You can have another activity table to make dog collars either with strips of paper and glitter/sequins or my threading beads onto some string (both of which can also be worn as bracelets) or they can make leashes out of colored ribbon. Take photos of each child with their dog and you can send these as thank you notes after.

dog themed birthday party

If you don’t want to have a full dog theme birthday party, then there are plenty of other games that you can do for example:

  • Doggy Dig – Fill two tubs or buckets with sand and bury small bouncing or tennis balls inside (one for each child). The children can then race to dig them out their hands like a puppy.
  • Decorate a Doggy Biscuit – Buy a few dog-bone shaped cookie cutters so the children can make and decorate sugar cookies. You can bake them while the kids are busy playing something else and they can take them home in a ‘doggy bag’.
  • Doggy Kennel – Make a dog house for the children to play in by decorating a large cardboard box.
  • Find Dotty the Dog’s spots – Before the party, cut out some large black circles and stick some velcro or double sided tape on the back and then hide them within reachable height. Show the children a big white stuffed dog and tell them that she has lost her spots and they need to help find them by finding 3 spots each. They can then put the spots on the dog and get a reward (like a doggy treat, frisbee or whistle) for helping.
  • Doggy Dance – Get the children (and adults) to form a conga line and dance along to the ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ song.

Dog Theme Birthday Party Supplies

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Dog Theme Birthday Party Food

For this dog theme birthday party, brown colored foods tend to go down better, such as:

  • Hot dogs,
  • Pretzel sticks (with a few dips)
  • Granola,
  • Cheese and cracker squares,
  • Chocolate Graham crackers
  • Kiwis (you could stick on some eyes, ears and a nose to make the look like dogs and keep some spoons handy so they can scoop the insides out without making a mess)

Puppy chow mix – You can make this by placing 1 packet of milk chocolate chips, ¼ cup of butter and ½ cup peanut butter in a bowl and microwaving for one minute on high. Stir and microwave for another 30 seconds until it is smooth then add 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

In another large bowl, put 9 cups of Chex or Shreddies cereal, pour the chocolate mixture over the top and stir. Put everything into a large Ziploc bag, pour in ½ cup of icing sugar, seal the bag and shake. Spread the mix out evenly on greaseproof paper so it can cool.

Dog Birthday Cake Recipes

Dog Birthday Cake Recipes

For the birthday cake, you can have a traditional cake of a puppy’s face but we like this cake above from which is easy to make but will definitely impress your guests.

Homemade dog shape paper bag for put your favors in. This paper party bag available at

Dog Theme Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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