Eeyore Birthday Party

by admin on September 11, 2012

What to Include in an Eeyore Birthday Party Theme

A birthday is a special event that almost everyone celebrates. Every year, birthdays are celebrated as a symbol of gratitude for having another year of life, being thankful for completing another whole year of success and survival.

For those people who are able to have a celebration and is thankful for the life that they are having, birthdays are always a date to look forward too. For children, having a birthday party is very important. Kids consider birthday parties the happiest time of the year other than Christmas.

One of the most famous themes for a birthday party is Eeyore birthday party theme. Eeyore is a popular character in a cartoon series Winnie the Pooh. He is a donkey who thought that everyone forgot about his birthday and later would found out that there was a surprise party for him. To have a fantastic Eeyore birthday party, here are some of the guidelines to follow:

eeyore birthday party

  • It should be in a garden or backyard setting. Kids know about the settings in the Winnie the Pooh cartoon series. The place where Eeyore and his friends live is a forest with trees and grass and stream. You can use your backyard to create this kind of theme and have the tables set up under trees and in a grassy setting.
  • Include Eeyore and friends party items in the celebration. It is common sense that an Eeyore’s birthday party theme should include Eeyore and friends party stuff such as party hats, plates, cups, and a big Eeyore birthday cake and banner. Eeyore printed or shaped balloons should also be included in the party package.
  • It is nice to have a mascot for the birthday event. Having an Eeyore mascot would probably make your party a blast. Kids love mascots especially if it is their favorite character. Including some of his friend such as Pooh and Tigger would make it even more fun for the kids.
  • Have a show oriented party program. Know how Winnie and friend do they party and integrate some of it to the activities that you would have during the party. It would add variety and excitement to the kids especially for those who knows about the show.
  • Eeyore giveaways should be included in the party package. In the Eeyore’s birthday party package, the giveaways should be included in it. The giveaways should include Pooh themed candies, toys, and activity books. The giveaways would be a great conclusion and memento to the guests so that they will not forget how awesome the party was.


Aside from Eeyore birthday party theme, there are more birthday party themes that a kid would like. The important thing when selecting a theme for a birthday party is the happiness of the celebrant. If all the kids like the party except the birthday boy/girl, then there is no benefit for it. The birthday boy/girl must be the first one to like the theme of the party. It is also important to have fun and be spontaneous.


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