Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on July 20, 2012

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas for your little ones.

The Sesame Street television series has been around for a long time and many of us can remember it from our own childhood days so Elmo birthday party theme is always a hit.

In the past few years, Elmo has been catapulted into the limelight and kids around the world like him so much that he managed to reach near the top of a recent Christmas’s top wanted toys list.

Here are a few ideas to have a fun Elmo themed party to have your little one and their guests shrieking with delight:

Invitation for Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo cards are pretty simple to make so personalized homemade invites are the way to go with this theme. Fold a piece of red card into half and cut out the shape of Elmo’s face. Stick on white felt circles or cotton wool with googly eyes and an orange pompom nose for a fun twist which is sure to make the recipient giggle.

For the wording, you could write the invitation in third person so that it is from Elmo and his goldfish Dorothy (for example, Elmo and Dorothy would like to invite you to a party they are having to celebrate (insert your child’s name)’s birthday) and mention that there will be plenty of pizza, bananas and crayons which are all Elmo’s favorites.

Free template for Elmo birthday party invitations:

elmo birthday party

Elmo Birthday Party Food

For the birthday cake, Wilton have a specifically designed Elmo face cake pan that you can purchase or you can have a circle cake with a fairy cake cut in half (half moon shape) at the top as the eyes. Then you can whip up some red, white and black butter-cream frosting and cover the cake in the red, pipe on the eyes in white and the mouth and pupils in black.

Elmo cupcakes are also always a hit (like the one pictured below). Either cover it in red icing or dip in red sparkly sugar and then use halved large marshmallows for the eyes, chocolate icing, drops or chips as the pupils and an orange M&M or gumdrop for Elmo’s little cute nose (avoid peanut ones in case of allergies and choking). To finish off, add an Oreo cut in half as Elmo’s big smile as they are the ideal size and complete the cupcakes.

Sticking with the red color theme, you can create a healthy and tempting red fruit tray by having a platter of strawberry halves, red grapes and watermelon cubes.

As a quicker cupcake alternative, you can buy Elmo rings which can be pressed into cupcakes or frosting and then taken home as favors.

Elmo pizzas – As this is another one of Elmo’s favorite things, you cannot have an Elmo party without pizza. Although you can stick to homemade or takeaway traditional ones, we think it is just as easy to be a bit different and really go all out with the theme.

You can make Elmo pizza’s before hand and cut them when serving using the recipe found here or you can prepare the ingredients and help the kids to make small bite sized ones. These can be cut using Elmo cookie cutters and decorated by the children; you can fit them all on one or two trays to bake while the children play and work up an appetite to eat their creations.

elmo birthday party

Elmo Birthday Party Supplies

Elmo's 1st Party Pack Plus Kit
Elmo Birthday Party Kit

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Table Cover Each
Elmo Birthday Party Table Cover


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