Engage Your Playful Side with a Cat Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 21, 2012

Cat Birthday Party Ideas

We are either a cat person or a dog person, it has been claimed. I think it is just a personal preference on whether you love dogs over cats and vice versa.

I have always been a dog person, but I also love cats (the playful kittens are more my thing). I do not think I will ever be that lonely, single cat lady (no offense) as most people tend to tell spinsters, but I do find felines very fascinating.

The way they move as well as their hunting skills, the way they seat on your lap or feet as they purr softly and their general behaviors and tendencies.

For all ye cat lovers, engage your playful side (as playful as a kitten, as the simile goes) by having a cat birthday party.

If you are a comic strip, animation or carton lover like me, you can draw inspiration from the lasagne loving feline Garfield, the outlaw Puss in Boots (from Shrek) or Milo & Otis: whichever catches your fancy. Or if you have a cat or two, you can use them as an inspiration. Oh, how did I forget Tom and Jerry? Tom is after all a cat!

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Cat Birthday Party Invitations

First and foremost, invitations: You cannot have a cat themed birthday party and yet you have not invited anyone to play and purr with you? You can put some funny, witty lines on the invite so that people can know they should come prepared to play and enjoy themselves. You can draw a cat chasing a mouse on the invite card (if you have an artistic bone in you) or you can print paws on the invite or better still, put your craft skills into practice and cut out invites in the shape of cat ears or whatever other feline shape your mind can conceive.

cat birthday party

Cat Birthday Party Decorations and Food

Cakes and Food:

If you are hopeless in the art and craft department, you can run down to your local store and get ready made invites that fits into the cat birthday party. After you have sent out your invites, consider the cake you want to wow your guests with visually and taste bud wise. You could have an assortment of different flavored cupcakes with cat whiskers drawn on them or with paws on them; or you can have a cat shaped cake, complete with the ears and whiskers.

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Color Theme:

The color theme for the cat birthday party need not stress you. Most cats are brown, white, grey or black in color. If Garfield is an inspiration, you can have an orange and black color theme with a hint of white and golden yellow. You can even go outside the box and do a pink and white color scheme.

The material:

For the decoration, you can buy cat stickers from your local store and stick them on a plastic floor cover or on the walls and windows; you can use chalk to draw cat paws from the drive way or sidewalk to the birthday party venue.

You could also have someone make animal balloons of cats, mice and fish and hang them from all corners of the room. As for the food, you can consider having fish fingers, milk, ice cream, ham sandwiches, chicken burgers or even lasagne! Do not forget to play some games for instance: cat and mouse. In cat and mouse, you can have one party to be a family of mice and the other the family of cats.

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The mice family will go into hiding and the cat family will have to hunt them down. The cats will win the game if they manage to capture all the mice! If it is for the kids, you can hid some toy mice and fish and let them go hunt them down (similar to how we play treasure hunt). All in all, remember it is supposed to be a fun and playful cat birthday party, do not let it get gloomy!

Cat Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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