Eureka! Have A Blast At A Science Birthday Party!

by Sherry on September 22, 2012

In have always been captivated by how we can mix up item A and Item B to come up with Item C; how oil and water do not mix; why salt and sugar dissolve in water and other liquids and how machines operate.

I also remember how I used to enjoy the chemistry lessons in high school, especially when we made an mini volcanic eruption.

I am not a science nerd, but I have to say that science is a very fascinating subject. I can still remember my teacher telling me how science is the body of dependable knowledge that can be rationally and logically elucidated. ‘It is all about facts and proving them’, he would say, ‘and nothing to do with your creativity and your active imagination!’ when I put my creative flair on experiments. Who did not enjoy their biology, chemistry and physics lessons?

They may have been some not so easy concepts and formulas to grasp, but it was interesting nonetheless. In the spirit of understanding the universe and learning a few facts about how things work, why not have a science birthday party for your science loving child and his or her friends? And the beauty of having a science birthday party is you can use some creativity to come up with a cool party and have a blast!

Science Birthday Party Invitations

science birthday party

For the invitations, you could consider writing an invite using invisible ink (mix lemon juice with water and take a calligraphy pen, cotton bud or a tooth pick and dip into the mixture and write out your message on a clean piece of white or cream paper and wait for the paper to dry).

Tell them to hold the invite near a light bulb in order to read its full contents. It is a fun way to create the science birthday party feel. You could also send them an invite in form of a puzzle. When they solve the science puzzle, an invite shows up on their screen.

Once the invites are sent out, you can now move to the other facets of the science birthday party. You will have to decorate the room where the birthday party will be held. You could put up a banner that reads, ‘Welcome to the Science Lab’, at the entrance. You can put lab coats and safety goggles at the entry and write the programme of activity to look like an experiment guide.


Science Birthday Party Decorations

You can decorate the science lab with plastic test tubes, beakers and air balloons. You can put baking soda, pipettes as well as burettes and a Bunsen burner that will give a science birthday party vibe. You could also add some litmus papers so as to make it more like a science lab as well as some colored liquids to make them look like chemicals.

You could also add magnifying glasses, callipers, rulers, spatulas and magnets in addition to iron filings. If you are more into biology, you can have a microscope, specimens to dissect, gloves, microscope slides, scissors and even plant specimens.


Science Birthday Party Cakes

For the cake, you can make a cake in the shape of a magnifying glass, a beaker, a microscope or even a flask. You can use any science instrument as an inspiration for your cake.

Since it is a science birthday party, you can lay out a table of vegetables, ham, bread, baguette, buns, bacon, grapes, berries, chicken, beef, turkey and condiments like mayonnaise, vinegar, ketchup, and any other food items and condiments you like.

Have the guests make up sandwiches and burgers of their choice. For the games, you can come up with fun experiments to do with your friends. Have a blast in your birthday party!


Science Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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