Explore your surrounding with a Dora Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 23, 2012

A love for adventure, learning new things and exploring the world around you as you discover and experience new things in your day to day life, your sojourn here on earth is a fun and interesting way, as well as a fulfilling way to live.

If Galileo had not explored his surroundings, I wonder what story we would have been telling now. Without the exploits of Vasco da Gama, will we have ever known if the earth is flat or not? What about the discovery of animal and plant species? As a young child, I used to go out there and discover what was in the dirt or even in the bushes and grass. I got to explore the compound and discovered grasshoppers, millipedes and sometimes centipedes.

I also got to discover some snails and mole hills and the occasional ant hills depending on where I was (my parents’ house, school, my friend’s house or both sets of my grandparents’ house). I learn a lot from the assessment of my surroundings.

I was watching television the other day and I came across an animated kids programme called Dora the Explorer. It captured my attention and I thought it would make a great idea to have a Dora themed birthday party for my niece who was turning five years old.

dora birthday party

My brother and sister in law agreed to throw a Dora birthday party for their little angel as long as I did all the leg work. I accepted the challenge. How hard could it be to throw a Dora birthday party for a six year old?

Planning Dora Birthday Party

Not that hard but it required my creativity to kick in and come up with a concept that six and seven year olds would like (or love). I started making the invites by making a map. Dora always sets out on her adventures with a map at hand so I thought it would be cool to make an invite that had a few marked places on the map showing the location of the party and leaving clues on what to expect.

Dora party decorations


I was directed to the backyard and a the family room to decorate on the day of the birthday party. I know Dora the Explorer does her adventures in the forest so I was well prepared.

  • I had paper flowers made and hanged them around the family room.
  • I also had animal and plant wall papers to cover the walls and I was lucky to get a floor covering that gave the impression of one walking on grass.
  • I made little trees to signify the forest and I even had a sun and rainbow stuck on one side of the family room wall.
  • I also had tiny boots hanging around the room as well as stuffed monkeys thrown around the room (to represent boots the monkey).

Each child was requested to come with a backpack, preferable purple, to represent Dora’s backpack. The color scheme was blues, greens and browns with a touch of pinks and whites to give it an outdoorsy, nature feel.

I had set up a map and clues on the table and had a pathway leading to the backyard. I had hidden some goodies around the backyard for the kids to find using the map and the clues I had given them.


For the Dora birthday party cake, we had cupcakes decorated with flowers, trees as well as clouds. We also had strawberries covered with white chocolate, jelly beans, vegetables and fruits (we were encouraging a balanced diet), and a skewer of cucumbers, carrots, chicken, fish and tomatoes.

We let the children play and discover grasshoppers and plant species in the backyard. Am glad my niece enjoyed her Birthday party.

Dora Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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