Factors to Consider When Planning a Horse Theme Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 17, 2012

I have come to realize that good planning is the difference between success and failure of any event. If you have a plan at hand, you are well prepared to mitigate any risks or eventualities that may arise as you would already have had a back-up plan.

As the sage advice goes: failing to plan is planning to fail! And for that very reason, I would like to give you a few pointers and tit bits you should consider or keep in mind while you are planning a horse theme birthday party.

The first thing we ask ourselves when planning any event is the ‘when?’ question. When are you intending to have the horse theme birthday party? The answer to this question should include a date and a time because this will determine how much you will spend and for how many guests. Is it a morning, afternoon or evening party?

How many people will be available for the scheduled time and date of the birthday party? What is the weather forecast for that day scheduled for the party? The answer to the ‘when?’ question will help you have an idea of the resources you will require to budget for as well as give you a picture of the number of people who might turn up for the birthday party.

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The second question you should ask yourself when planning a horse theme birthday party is ‘where?’ This is all about the location of the birthday party. Do you want an indoor party or an outdoor event? Do you have to hire a venue or will you be having the birthday party at home? If you are renting the venue, make sure you book it in advance so as to avoid last minute disappointments.

Most children prefer to have a horse theme birthday party outside so that they can create a stable, a horse riding track and all things horse. Depending on the weather forecast for the day that you had already looked up, you can decide whether an indoor or outdoor event is for the best. Knowing the where of the horse theme birthday party will also help in planning for the transport logistics.

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The third and finally question you should ask yourself is the ‘what?’ This is a question that will take up most of your horse theme birthday party planning time. First of all you will need invitation cards. Will you get ready made ones or will you make them from home? If you will be making them from home, what materials will you require? You can make the invitation cards to look like a horse, a horse shoe or even a saddle.

The nest thing you should consider is the horse theme birthday party decorations. What is the color scheme? What facet of the horse theme do you want to highlight? Do you need balloons, wall papers, and any other decorating materials? And let us not forget the food and drinks! What type of food will you be serving? Carrots and what else?

Let’s you forget, it is a horse theme birthday party and you will need a cake! Will it be one big cake that you will cut into smaller pieces or will you be having an assortment of cupcakes? What are the flavors you want in the cake? Do you want it shaped like a horse? How do you want the cake decorated?

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You should also consider what games you would be playing, if any and what the supplies you will need to play those games are. If the child is under the age of six, you should also consider having a baby sitter who will help you keep an eye on the kids. When all the three questions are answered, you will plan accordingly and you will end up with the best horse theme birthday party the neighborhood has ever seen! Remember to execute the plan!

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