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How to throw a festive Fairy birthday party – Parents are always searching for the perfect birthday theme for their children. Boys may pick trains, science fiction, cowboys, or football. Little girls on the other hand will like princesses, flowers, and yes fairies.

The fairy theme can consist of mystical looking decorations, whimsical cake designs, or craft activities that allow each little girl the chance to make their own fairy wings for a favorite doll.

Here are a few ideas to give parents a head start in planning the perfect fairy birthday party.


The cornerstone of every party is the cake, or cupcakes if preferred, and must meet standards. The uses of pastels are good color choices, but do not be afraid to shy away from vibrant designs or more simple themes. Having a bakery or caterer design the cake is also an idea, but for parents on a budget a homemade cake or plate of cupcakes is just as memorable.

Simple flowers covering a cupcake, mushrooms brightly decorated with red or pink spots, and vines that encircle the cake are good places to start.

Don’t just limit the main dessert to cake only. Many children love brownies and those are sometimes easier and can be decorated in much the same way as a cake. Brownies can also serve as the base for dirt while green icing is applied for grass or trees as well as pink for flowers.

Creating a forest setting upon a plate of brownies can be the perfect fairy cake design. Think gingerbread house as well. Gumdrop pathways leading through a forest or up to a fairy house, which can be made out gingerbread supplies, are a nice touch as well.

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Setting the Table

Always keeps a fairy table scheme light and airy. Each child could have a place setting of pink or pastel green cups, plates, and utensils with leafy napkins.

For children who are looking for a specific theme if parents want to go with Tinkerbell of Disney fame here would be a good idea as well. However, something planned entirely from the heart is also an excellent choice and more cost effective.

Fairy birthday party quotes

Centerpieces can be made with ease:

  • Construction paper, tissue paper, glue guns, paints are all good items to have around for a craft of this nature.
  • Creating paper butterflies, mushrooms, or simply glittering pieces of jewelry scattered on the table are a nice touch.
  • Dress up the table the fairies will be dining at and make it shine and glow.
  • In fact, even place glittering streamers or paper around the chairs in a zigzag or swag pattern to brighten up the entire setting.
  • Plain paper table cloths are okay as they are easier for cleanup but make certain the color matches the entire scheme.

fairy birthday party ideas

Fairy Birthday Party Games

Little fairies everywhere will want to sing and dance and enjoy the day with the fairy birthday girl. The chairs that were decorated for the table can now be used as a musical chair type game. Each little girl can skip around the chairs while singing their favorite songs or parents can provide the music on portable disc players.

Another fun birthday party game would be a treasure hunt where the guests can go in pairs and find hidden items in the backyard that will lead to prizes. Make certain to hide two of each prize so no little fairy is left disappointed. Good places would be around the trunks of trees, in flower beds, and in lower tree branches accessible to little ones.

Tea party games where the children can role play are massively fun for the little girls attending. Pink or pastel tea sets can be purchased for low prices at discount retailers and water and tiny cookies can be served as the little fairies talk about the party, their day, or where they plan to fly to next. During the tea party parents can add a game such as I Spy or pass around a shoe box of items then take out three and pass it around again for the fairies to look at. The fairy that guesses which items are missing or what the parents have spied wins the prize.

Fairy Birthday Party Supplies:

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Fairy Birthday Party Favors

Favors are not cumbersome projects either.

  • A pair of fairy wings for the little girl who wins a game or jewelry such as plastic necklaces, bracelets, and rings can be found during the treasure hunt.
  • It’s also an idea to use candy that is wrapped in pink or pastel tulle as a little packaged gift for finishing a hunt or completing a game.
  • Some face paints could be used as rewards as well or simply to make the entire party smile. Face painting is easier than it looks and flowers, butterflies, mushrooms, or vines that go up and around the cheeks will be seen as perfect.

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Great Fairy Birthday Party Ideas, comes from a real birthday party

fairy birthday party

This flower fairy themed birthday party is hosted at the backyard of their home. Created for a 7 years old girl who still believe in fairy. The idea is to have a magical garden where they can play, sit and chat. You can goto their blog to see how they do it.

fairy themed birthday party

This birthday party is for 6 years old girl hosted at her backyard, which they called woodlands. They even bring a real fairy to join the fun. A woodland fairy costume is given upon arrival and they will enter the woodlands where they have endless fun there. Don’t you want to take a look what’s in the woodlands? just follow this link.

woodland fairy theme

Another forest fairy party is held in enchanted garden. It was a huge garden with some parts are for having games like The Land of Flowers and Fairy craft table for kids to do the craft and not to forget a pixie dust table where they can make their own and take home. For details you can goto Amanda’s party

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Reminder tips:
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Always consult parents of the children attending concerning any plans. Some children will have food allergies and some parents will not be thrilled with a face painted. Still, most will just enjoy seeing the smiling faces of their little ones and want to join in the fun fairy birthday party as well. Remember to be a kid at heart and delight in the day just as much as the little ones.

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