Fairy Tutu Skirt Tutorial

by admin on December 30, 2012

A How To Guide To Make Tutu Skirt

Why buy expensive premade outfits at retail stores or have them specially made? If a little girl is asking for a fairy birthday and wishes to dress up for the day there are quick and easy ways to make a tutu costume while spending very little money.

If sewing is an option there is a quick tutorial for that and also if sewing is just not a parent’s forte there’s ways around using a machine. However making the fairy tutu works for mom and dad.

Fairy Tutu: Sewing Required

To start off gather all of the materials. Most, it not all, can be found at retail stores with craft and fabric departments like Wal-Mart of Hobby Lobby.

  • Non-roll elastic – ½ “, ¾”, or 1″ will be okay. It must be NON-ROLL
  • Tulle fabric- 4-6 yards will do
  • Cotton fabric- Any color that matches the chosen tulle fabric will do. Too much tulle might be scratchy on little legs. 2-3 yards should suffice with alternating if an all tulle tutu isn’t an option.
  • Ribbons – About 1” width two sided ribbon color-coordinated to match the tulle and cotton fabrics. Get about 1 yard or so.
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Needle/Sewing Machine – It might be easier just using the needle and thread. Make the thread is really colorful and don’t pull stitches tightly over one another so letting out the tutu as the fairy grows will be easier.
  • Thread – Match the color if possible to the tulle and cotton fabrics.

Step by step guide

  1. Time to cut the elastic to fit the waist of the fairy princess. Measure the child’s waist then cut the non-roll elastic so that there will be at least ½”-1” overlap. Using needle and thread (or machine if handy) sew the ends together to create a circular shape for the fairy’s waist.
  2. Begin cutting the tulle and cotton strips into the about 3” wide and however many inches long the tutu should be. 10”-18” is a good length dependent upon a fairy’s height. Cotton fabric will cut much easier than tulle. A hint in cutting tulle would be to cut it the length of the tutu the 10”-18” and then roll it up. Finally cut the 3” strips that way with less hassle as tulle is not an easy fabric to handle.
  3. Make sure to secure the elastic around a doorknob, chair, or something else so that you can thread the tulle or cotton fabric around the circular shape of the elastic.
  4. Fold the fabric in half and then pull up through a loop to secure it around the elastic. Alternate colors as necessary or between the tulle and the cotton fabrics until the entire elastic is covered and the tutu is full and colorful.
  5. You can alternate ribbon through the tutu skirt as well or simply tie bows at strategic points on the tutu. Finally the tutu is complete and ready for your little fairy to try it on for size!
Practical Tips:

For those who aren’t big into sewing, use fabric glue to close the elastic into a band and then simply tie tulle and other fabric and ribbons around the elastic band as above. Some people will prefer to sew the bows into the elastic even.

Just have fun with the project and know you’ll end up with a happy fairy.

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