Fashion Birthday Theme

by admin on October 1, 2012

Glamorous Fashion Birthday Theme

Is your daughter birthday approaches? Does she have a distinct sense of fashion, and she usually dresses in your clothes, wearing your shoes and trying to have a nice makeover with all your makeup? If so, why not trying to organize her the best fashion birthday theme party ever? If you are new to this subject, I will now guide you through a few steps, in order to provide an amazing party that will little one enjoy and love.

As it is normal, the first step involves invitations. To make sure everything is according to your daughter’s good taste and fashion birthday theme, ask her to help you with this one. If you don’t want to buy them and you also want some quality time with her, prepare the glamour kit and begin to make some handmade original invitations. Use glitter, stickers or any other colored material you can find, and have a blast decorating. Make sure you also add the party information (date, location, time).

Next on the list is the food. You can buy or make muffins and cookies. Decorate them with coco-puffs or pink sweet creme, or even better, provide the decoration elements and let the guests decorate them however they want. Also, make sure there are always snacks like mozzarella sticks, fruits, sandwiches and why not, even vegetables. As for drinks, you can either make a bowl of fruity punch or provide juice boxes, for every taste.


Fashion Birthday Games

If the guests will be over 8 years old, you can also make a makeup contest. Give each guest some elements of makeup, pair them up, and see who will make the best makeover. Face painting is also desired by the young one, and you either let them pain themselves or hire somebody who does this for a living. Make sure the colors used for this are allergic for the kids, and they will wash easily after. A fashion hunt is adequate for active children.


Make lists of different fashion elements, give fashion magazines to the young ones and tell them to find the elements on the list. Whomever finds all of them first, wins a total makeover, including the hair, makeup and the clothes. If there is still time and the kids are not yet tired, you can give them elastic strings, and organize a hairstyle contest.

fashion birthday party

For a young little lady, it is very important to be seen as a woman. Maybe because she wants to follow in her mother footsteps or because she is so confident in herself, but she will always try to be seen as a big responsible woman. That’s why you have to be really careful with the cake. If you decide to buy it, make sure not to make it too childish. It has to be glamorous and filled with glitter, but as for big girls. If you want to make the cake, ask your daughter to help you. You two will have a lot of fun, and the cake will be exactly how she imagined.


This is all you need to know so that your daughter will be happy and excited. Sometimes, a fashion birthday theme party continues in the night, with a sleepover. If your child wants it, make sure you check them regularly, to be sure they are sleeping. We all know how kids don’t want to spend their time sleeping.

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