Fiesta birthday party theme for 30th birthday

by admin on October 1, 2012

All you can drink fiesta birthday party theme

Most people are getting depressed when turning 30. But it doesn’t really mean it has to be a bad thing. To have a sweet remember of your birthday, why don’t you try to make the best of it? In order to have fun and to make all your guests to have the time of their lives, throw a Fiesta Birthday Party Theme, and take advantage of all the Mexican goods. But for that, there are some things to do, so that your party can be remembered for eternity.

Since you are now 30 and probably a lot of friends and family, it will be easier for you to send out invitations with an RSVP option. Try to make them as personal as possible, so that just the invitation to be a present for your guests.

You can also add some confetti in the envelope or glue a Mexican umbrella on it. Even a Mexican theme sticker will work. Just try to make the best of it! Also, make sure to ask your guests to wear a certain type of clothes. Mexican costumes should be welcomed.

fiesta birthday party

Now that the invitations have been sent, you need to figure out hot to decorate your house, for a real fiesta birthday party theme.

A fiesta banner at the main entrance will be the first good step for a perfect party. Just imagine how many pictures will be made there by your joyful guests. In order to make the party even more fun, put a bowl of chilies at the entrance.

But before you do that, cut their roots and introduce, gently, a piece of paper with a Spanish word on it. Make everybody salute one another with that Spanish word. If you have the money, hire either a mariachi band or a flamenco dancer.


What would a fiesta birthday party theme be without Mexican food? So make sure you invest time and money in your food for the party. The easiest way to assure a good time with good food is a Mexican buffet where everybody can eat as much as he or she wants, choosing from different types of food. The dishes can contain chili con queso, Mexican rice, chicken fajitas or tortilla soup. You can also provide a filled margarita glass.

Talking about margarita … the best games you can possibly play when at your 30th birthday party are drinking games. For example, you can bring a projector and play a Spanish movie. Whenever a character says a certain word, like olè or caramba, everybody has to drink or any card games are also good opportunities to drink shots.


Because we are still in the games’ field, hang a pinata. Think about how much fun you can have swinging a baseball bat, while drunk or almost drunk, with everybody cheering.

Be sure to add a pill for hangover, a funny Mexican joke, a lot of confetti and some sweets. Also, add a thank you gift and ask them to send you an email or a message with their feedback for the party. If it was as awesome as it should have been, make sure to repeat the experience next year.

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