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by admin on January 29, 2013

Ice skating Birthday Party Ideas

Ice skating has always been a fun pastime but with technology today it doesn’t have to be a winter only event. Children love skating and many love ice skating and have big Olympic dreams.

Now, not all kids will make it to the Olympics but any child can have a great day of ice skating with friends and family. Just start with the basics, find a rink, and make a guest list to get started.

The rest will fall into place even if it sounds a bit daunting planning a party at a possibly public rink where there is little if any creative freedom.

Ice skating birthday party Invitations

Once that guest list is finished it’s time to decide on the theme for the invitations. Girls might like an ice princess or fairy theme while boys might like to make hockey the theme.

Ice skating birthday party invitation template 1

Ice skating birthday party invitation template 2

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For little girls turning 8 years old, maybe a figure 8 party might be a fun gimmicky theme. Whatever the birthday boy or girl chooses there are several options on the internet to begin searching through. has a large assortment of ice princess themed invitations while has a variety of hockey themed invites.

Even stop by to check out their party supplies for some wintery or icy invitation ideas. As far as mailing the invites, it might be fun if your little one is having a princess party to use a “royal seal,” to close the envelope.

ice skating birthday party

Ice skating birthday party Decorations

Think about the theme and plan accordingly. Little girls who have chosen to be ice princesses will probably like light blue or silver decorations such as balloons, streamers, and table layouts with fairies or butterflies etched in plates or napkins and cups.

Place settings can be snowflakes or glittering butterfly wings for each little guest. Hockey players will just enjoy seeing a player on their plates and napkins. Black, red, and dark blue balloons will suit here, with jersey numbers as place settings.

The tables are the main attraction here since the rinks won’t always have larger rooms to rent just spaces for food and drink. Throw glitter out on the table and place glitter wands around the cake and centerpiece or have hockey pucks scattered around as well.

Ice skating birthday party Food

Don’t go overboard just stick to basics like sandwiches, pizza, cake, ice cream, or maybe chicken nuggets. Snow cones if you have a snow cone maker would be a nice touch considering ice is one of the main themes for this type of party.

As far as decorating the cake if you’re feeling ambitious make a sheet cake into an ice rink using silvery blue icing and place hockey sticks or tiaras all around the edges.

If the cake is catered, have a bit more fun with it by asking the bakery to set up opposing goals on each end of the cake and place more than one player over the rink.

For those ice princesses, make the setting more of a pond in the forest and add lots of crystal sugar to give the appearance of ice and snow.

Ice skating birthday Party Favors

Find bags with snowflakes, icicles, or just something that will match the colors of the theme. Inside place appropriately colored gloves or mittens for little hands to keep warm during ice skating. Drop in candy, passes to the rink the party is being held at, maybe some packets of hot chocolate, or something that will remind the kids of snuggling up warm after a day of ice skating.

Just have fun with everything from the cake, the rink, the favors, and the food. No one will be disappointed.

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free ice skating birthday invitation template1

free ice skating birthday invitation template2

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