Finding Nemo Birthday Party for your Baby Boy

by Sherry on September 16, 2012

We have all got lost at least once in our lifetime. We have also been in search of something precious we have lost and most of us have had the pleasure of having over protective parents who treat us with kid’s gloves even though we are in our mid-twenties! Finding Nemo is a story that we could all relate to.

It is a story of an overprotective father (a clown fish) who with the help of his friends goes in search of his abducted son Nemo. In the process of searching for his son, the father learns to take risks and let his son grow up and make his own decisions. A very touching story it is and it is quite understandable if your young lass would want to have a finding Nemo birthday party. Be ready to have an adventure and let your son have some say in the tangent the party will take.

Planning Finding Nemo Birthday Party

Having a finding Nemo birthday party will have to draw its inspiration from the sea as most of the action takes place on the ocean front or in the sea itself. You can have the invitation cards shaped like a clown fish (as Nemo is a clown fish) with a blue background to give the impression of being under the sea: or whatever creative design you can come up with. The color scheme should give the impression of being under the sea: use some coral blue as well as sea blue and some green and yellow as well as deep blue hue and some reds to give the room a lively, party feel.

finding nemo birthday party

Finding Nemo Birthday Party Food

The food for the party is all about flair and creativity! First of all you have to start by designing the cake. Will it be a selection of cupcakes or will it be a whole cake? What sea features do you want to include in the cake? Make sure that the color of the cake is consistent with the main birthday party theme color.

You can make a cake in the shape of a shark, or you can make a turtle shaped cake or a cake that has seaweeds, corals and jellyfish, the choice is yours and your son’s to make.

You can have some different colored jelly on the menu and call them jelly fish; fish fingers (which you may call them fins or whatever suits your fancy); you can have some greens also and aptly call them seaweeds and you can give the food table a fancy name like shark bites. Do not forget to have plenty of drinks.

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Finding Nemo Birthday Party Games

You should also consider having some games that your son and the other birthday attendants will enjoy to play.

You can modify the hot potato game and call it hot pebbles (or something soft like a ball). Have the children sit in a circle and put some music from the finding Nemo soundtrack and thrown the pebble or ball to each other and whoever has the pebble when the music stops is out.

You could also have a finding Nemo game that will fit perfectly in the finding Nemo birthday party. Play it the same as you would treasure hunt or hid and seek depending on the preference of the children.

You could also think of any other games and tweak them to fit into the Finding Nemo birthday party theme

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