Fireman Birthday Party

by admin on September 18, 2012

Children are always fascinated with firemen and fire engines with their noisy sirens, water hoses and flashing lights so this is a great theme to use for your little ones birthday event. Here is our quick party plan outline for a fireman themed birthday party:

Fireman Birthday Party Decorations

To create a fire theme birthday party, hang red, yellow and orange streamers vertically from the ceiling so that the children need to run through it at some places. Kids love having to run through things as they enjoy the feel of paper on their faces and the fact that someone may be hiding on the other side.

Using a large cardboard box (like a refrigerator one), create a fire engine using crafts like paper plates for lights that the children can crawl inside and give each member of the ‘crew’ a plastic fire fighter’s hat that they can take home as a favor at the end of the day.

fireman birthday party

Alternatively, if you have got the time, space and less guests, go to and make each child a cardboard box fire engine costume that they can wear on during the party and then take home – these are guaranteed to be a hit and you can make them more economically (and quickly) by being creative and using aluminum foil instead of wrapping paper and painting paper plates for tires instead of cutting each one out and covering in black colored paper.

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Fireman Birthday Party Activities

Rescue Challenge – Set up a mini outdoor obstacle course where, at the signal, the children have to wear a fireman’s hat, go down a slide, drive a toy car (or roll a fire engine/car toy) across the garden to reach a cardboard house silhouette or playhouse covered in red and yellow cardboard flames.

They then have to pick up the garden hose and pretend to put out the fire before rescuing a stuffed animal (pegged or stuck onto a nearby tree) and driving it back to the start line to get their prize.

Fire station tour – Some local fire stations will allow you to take your guests on a supervised tour where they are given the chance to see the sleeping area and sit in a real fire engine.


Fireman Birthday Party Food

We suggest serving red and orange colored foods like tomato soup and carrot sticks as well as slightly spicy food like nachos and salsa. Have fire-related labels for each item like Flaming Chicken Strips, Blazing Hotdogs, Sizzling Sausages, Alarming Chilli and Water-hose Melon.
fireman birthday party

Fireman Birthday Party Favors and Decorations


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