Flower Theme Birthday

by admin on September 22, 2012

Flower Theme Birthday: A Dream Come True For Your Little Princess

Dream world is the most ideal world for a girl. Every girl has a princess inside her and it is her wish that she can live like a princess as well. This wish is the strongest when a girl is young and the day when her wish can come true is none other than her birthday.

The best way to give your baby girl the perfect birthday gift is to arrange her flower theme birthday party. Such a party can be easily arranged in the garden of your house where the presence of natural flowers will make the arrangements even more attractive and beautiful. There are many creative pieces of decoration that you can add in your flower theme birthday party.

For instance, first of all you can use tablecloths having floral designs on them. In the same way, you can use flowers like roses, lilies, pansies, zinnias, etc for decorative purposes. You can also use balloons for decoration to add a good touch.

Flower Theme Birthday Cakes

As far as the element of eating is concerned, it is also very important for birthday parties. You can also make different eating stuff in accordance with the flower themes. You can add garden burgers, salad having edible flowers in it, etc. You can also make lollipops in shape of flowers and believe me your girl will love them! For this purpose, you can use M&M and pretzel sticks. Sticking the M&Ms on round shape on these sticks will give you the lollipop appearance. This arrangement will look like flowers. You can also make the cake in the shape of a flower with cherries on its top. This will make your cake very tempting for the guests.

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Flower Theme Birthday Games

The games that kids get to play in your flower theme birthday party can also make your party unforgettable and quite impressive as well.

  • You can use leaf shaped chairs and make your kid play Musical Chair with her girls.
  • You can also plan a nature scavenger hunt during the flower party of your kid. You can hide different things in your garden and let the kids find them.
  • You can also paint flowers on the face of your kid as well as all the guests and this will make your theme even clearer.
  • You can also include watering-can relay games during the party. In this game, two teams of kids will have to fill their kiddies’ pools with water while forming a line. The team who will fill the pool first will win this game.

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Flower Theme Birthday Favors Ideas

Another interesting and cute element of a flower theme birthday party is that you can give small plants to the guests as return gifts. In this way, everyone will have their own plants to take care of.

You can also party favors in the form of flower pots in which flower pencils, flower stickers, flower erasers, flower-shaped lollipops, etc are filled.

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Moreover, you can also paint of each person on the pot so as to personalize the pots. In this way, you can make all the guests feel very special and they will always remember your kids’ birthday party.

flower theme birthday party

In simple words, the theme of flowers is very nice to follow on your girl’s birthday. You can also increase the kids’ interest in nature and you can also use your creativity to the greatest extent in case of such themes.

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