Flutter Away to a Butterfly Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 16, 2012

I have always been fascinated by nature and how some beautiful things can come out from unlikely places. One of the things I have found fascinating is how a caterpillar can give rise to a butterfly.

Nobody likes a caterpillar and the thought of a caterpillar crawling on you is very scary. But once the caterpillar dies, it turns into a beautiful butterfly and we always love when we are near butterflies, not so? Since my daughter was transitioning from her terrible twos to her thrilling threes, I decided that it would be a perfect time for her to have a butterfly birthday party.

It would signify her evolution from that two year old that caused havoc to a more cool, calm and collected three year old (or so I hoped!). Instead of going bananas, I went all out butterfly.

I started with a pink, white and purple color scheme and manila papers, scissors and glue as well as my husband’s talent for calligraphy. I cut out the Manila paper in the shape of a butterfly and drew some nice flowers on them that my seven year old son coloured and made them look even more beautiful. At the front of it, my husband calligraphic hand put down the butterfly birthday party invitation. We made the invites in such a way that we could flap it open like a butterfly would flap its wings.

butterfly birthday party

The next thing I did was to run to the store and get some butterfly wings for the little princess as well as for her friends. I also bought some ribbons and art and craft stuff for the children to play with later and put their creativity (or lack of it) to the test.


I also had to run to the bakers to order a butterfly cake. It was simply a cake made in the shape of a butterfly and some flower motifs and also grass motif added to give it a sense of the butterfly being out in the open flying. I also ordered some cookies made to look like butterflies and different colored cream (a small amount, we do not want them being hyperactive!) on top of the cookies.

I also had to buy some lemons to make lemonade as well as strawberries which I blended and added to the lemonade to give it a pink look. To further keep up with the spirit of the butterfly birthday party, I made butterfly decorations as well as decorations that looked like flowers and an open field. I had so many butterflies stuck in the dining room you would think I am a butterfly fanatic. This butterfly birthday party was living up to its name I tell you!


When the guests arrived to the butterfly birthday party, they were welcomed with a pair of butterfly wings at the door. We had them run around the garden for a while to expend their energy and create some appetite for the goodies that were in store.

The kids had fun with the wings, some even pretending they were butterflies traversing the garden. After they had their snacks we had them do some art and craft. I gave them ribbons, paper flowers and crayons and let them decorate their wings anyway they wanted. Of course we were the ones with the glue guns!


The butterfly cake was a hit and the kids got to take home their decorated butterfly wings. All in all it was a great butterfly birthday party and I do not think I will be crafting any more butterflies any time soon!

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