Frog Birthday Party

by admin on August 22, 2012

If your child is more interested in animals and the outdoors than in cartoon characters and superheroes or if you have already exhausted these themes on previous birthday parties then a vivid frog theme may be ideal to get the kids hopping in excitement. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Frog Birthday Party Invitations

You can find plenty of frog images if you do a quick search on the internet and your card could be a simple cartoon frog, leap pad or lily with the party details written on.

If you want to take it a step further, you could add googly eyes or attach a red shoe lace or paper strip coming from the frogs mouth with the details stuck to a fly-shaped or square note stuck to the other like the frog has caught it.

Add wording to tie in to the theme like ‘Hop on over to ___’s lily pad for a hopping birthday party’ and ask the guests to wear green.

frog birthday party

Frog Birthday Party Decorations

You could decorate the room with lots of greenery like a rainforest or just make it pond-like with tall grass, lily pads and blue tablecloths like water.


Frog Birthday Party Activities

If you are planning a party with more sit-down activities, you can find frog colouring pages on the internet so they can colour as well as having frog story books, frog puzzles and an adult (or elder sibling) doing rainforest temporary tattoos.

If you want more active party games, you can play:

  • Frog hunt – Before the party, hide plastic frogs around the venue (one for each child) and get the children to look for them until they have each find one to keep.
  • Frog Bowling – Add about 1 inch of water to several empty 2 litre drink bottles and stick on pictures of frogs. The kids then have to use a ball or green water balloons to try and knock them over.
  • Lily Pad Hop – Cover the floor in a blue tablecloth or fabric and cut lily pads out of green paper and scatter them on the floor so that the kiddies can hop from one to the next. Get them to remove their shoes to prevent the paper from ripping or cover them in sticky back plastic (although they should remove their socks if you do choose to laminate otherwise they may slip and slide).
  • Fly Eating Contest – Give each child the same amount of raisins and let them compete as to who can eat their flies the fastest. You could add a twist by placing the raisins on a plate in from of them and not allowing them to use their harms to eat them.

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