Fun Birthday Party Games

by admin on September 18, 2012

There are so many exciting and fun birthday party games ideas available but sometimes it can be difficult finding games that are suitable for all ages which is important if you are having a party with both young and older guests as games like pass the parcel are only suitable for excitable kids whereas they would not be able to join in older games like murder mysteries or drinking games.

Here are a few fun birthday party games ideas that will get all of your guests involved regardless of age (and maturity!):

Fun Birthday Party Games

Prize Pop

Mark a few small pieces of paper with a small icon like a star. Roll each piece tightly and push through the neck of a few balloons to signify which of them will receive a reward (we suggest approx one prize per 10 balloons). Blow enough balloons up so that there are between 2 and 4 per child.

Bring the children together and explain that there are no sharp objects or teeth allowed in this game. When you give a signal (i.e. shout ‘Go’ or blow a whistle), they need to rush and pop the balloons to see if their balloons holds a prize paper.

Chopstick Control

Give each participant a pair of chopsticks and each player/team two bowls and the same number of round objects like marshmallows (easiest to play with), marbles (hardest) , peanuts, Smarties or Maltesers.

Position the bowls on tables or chairs so that they are approximately 6 or 7 feet apart and place the objects in one of these bowls. At the signal, each player has to pick up one object using the chopsticks (no hands!) and take it carefully across to the empty bowl.

They then need to go back and get the next one until all of the items have been taken, one at a time, to the opposite bowl – the quickest time is the winner.

If the item is dropped, then it must be picked up and returned to the first bowl before trying again. You can vary the game by using different objects or adding obstacles and we suggest that you have at least ten objects if children are playing individually (to make the game last) or to use less objects if it is a team challenge.

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Chocolate Game

Sit the guests in a circle and place a wrapped bar of chocolate on a plate with a knife and fork in the center. Next to the plate, put two dice and a few dressing up clothes (at least a scarf, hat and pair of gloves).

Give the dice to the person with whose names comes up in the alphabet first and let them all take it in turns throwing the dice until one of them rolls a double.

That player then needs to jump into the center, put on the dressing up items and unwrap/eat the chocolate but using only the provided knife and fork. The remaining players carry on rolling the dice until they get another double at which point the player who is eating stops, hands over the clothes and knife and fork and returns to their place and the next ‘winner’ gets their turn.


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