Funny Birthday Songs

by admin on November 28, 2012

Find funny birthday songs to play for all ages

Birthday is a special day to us and because of it, It is the ‘One Day of the Year Where It’s All about You’, a day that we all celebrate – the day our mothers gave birth to us.

There’s nothing quite like hearing the Happy Birthday song when you turn a year older. However, there are several other songs that have made birthdays both popular and dreaded with their wry and darker humor.

Whatever route you’re taking your theme there are birthday songs that will suit your needs. Try and keep to the kind of humor the birthday boy or girl will enjoy but also don’t be afraid to get some deep belly laughs especially at naughty adult parties. It’s time to search the web and come up with the best laugh for your party.

Funny Birthday Songs

We all know the age-old original birthday song, the one that goes “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday (Insert name), Happy Birthday to you”. However, there are hundreds of different versions of the birthday song and some funnier and enjoyable than others.

Take a walk down memory lane, and have a think about what funny birthday songs have you heard before? Has any of your friends tried to create or effectively sung you a funny happy birthday song?

Here’s a list of the Top 10 funny birthday songs that I have managed to scrounge up around the keywords of funny happy birthday song and some of them you may know very well and might have even tried your own interpretation of them whereas others may not ring a happy birthday bell with you.

Earl Wayne “The Funny Happy Birthday Song”

The Funny Happy Birthday Song by Earl Wayne may be more suited towards older children or adults with a very open sense of humor but is nonetheless worth mentioning on the list.

The lyrics to “The Funny Happy Birthday Song,” can be found in the link for those who want to check and see if their guests have the proper palate.

However, this song has a fun and light feel to it and an almost comedic delivery is what gives it a true recommendation.

If the song is hard to find then find some brave guests to sing it to the birthday boy or girl as a special tribute.

The Arrogant Worms, “The Happy Happy Birthday Song”

Here is another that is funny but definitely a bit more for the adult or teen crowd. The song’s lyrics portray what so many who aren’t fans of their birthday feel so this will be something that can bring a laugh to even the toughest crowd.

Detailing how life goes downhill or how people can feel totally depressed or others can remind them of how old they are, “The Happy Happy Birthday Song” covers all of the bases and brings a round of laughs with it. Finding the song isn’t difficult as it can be downloaded on iTunes and

Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday Mr. President”

This birthday song was sung originally to John F. Kennedy for his birthday from actress and blonde buxom Marilyn Monroe on May 19, 1962.

Now this isn’t exactly something that many would consider funny but if someone were to dress up like Marilyn and serenade their boyfriend or husband it could be a blast.

If you’re trying to surprise your man have friends help you find a blonde wig, glittering dress, and make sure to make the signature beauty mark just for the right touch.

This birthday song has been adapted over the years and turned into one of the world’s funny happy birthday songs. With friends and girlfriends dressing up as Marilyn Monroe and singing in that famous whiny seductive voice “Happy Birthday Mr/Miss/Mrs (insert surname) for a laugh.

Having you sing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to them in the breathy and sexy way Marilyn Monroe sang to John F. Kennedy will have the guests rolling and the guest of honor surprised and smiling.

Chipmunks, “Traditional Happy Birthday”

Some people love to be traditional but don’t want to completely seem slaves to culture. Having a version of the Happy Birthday Song sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks is a great way to bring a smile to children’s faces or even nostalgic adults who grew up with the cute little chipmunks.

Everybody who has ever owned a television no matter what generation you are will have heard of the famous talking chipmunk of “Alvin, Theodore and Simon”. What makes the Chipmunks version of the Happy Birthday song fall into the funny birthday song category is the hilarious and squeaky voices of the Chipmunks, not to mention their out there and crazy dancing moves.

Anyone can sound like a Chipmunk and if you want to end up sounding like an Alvin, Simon or Theodore when you sing Happy Birthday to your mates, then purchase some Helium gas or even Helium balloons work great – breathe it in and then when you talk you will sound like a squeaking chipmunk whilst you belt out the funny birthday song of “The Chipmunks present Happy Birthday to You”.

Youtube has several versions of the song and it’s even easy in this day and age to find voice morphers and sing the song yourself recording in chipmunk style.

Gummi Bear, “Happy Birthday”

Pop culture will remember “The Gummi Bear Song” that was played and spoofed nearly to death in the 2000s. Now, it can be a source of birthday fun with Gummi Bear singing,”Happy Birthday” With the same techno voice that gets giggles from all ages Gummi Bear dances and sings with his own friends for your birthday enjoyment.

Stevie Wonder and the Simpsons

This Happy Birthday Song was sung by one of the American soul singers Stevie Wonder. What makes his version of the Happy Birthday song one of the funny happy birthday songs is that it was sung on an episode of The Simpsons, when it was Lisa Simpson’s birthday and she met the white fat guy from the Mental Hospital who thought he was Michael Jackson and sung like a Black Jazz singer.

He sung his own version of this song to Lisa Simpson. Once it starred on The Simpsons, one of America’s longest running cartoon comedies, it was deemed funny.

Can you say Meow?

Thinking of what to write in terms of funny happy birthday songs, it made me remember a birthday card that I received from some friends a few months ago for my birthday. The card was one of those ones that sings happy birthday to you, but as soon as I opened it, it wasn’t the usual happy birthday song but the whole song sung in cat’s meows, it made me laugh so hard.

It would have to be one of the funniest happy birthday songs around. For your friends next birthday, try meowing them Happy Birthday and if cats aren’t their thing then why not choose an animal they love and sing it to them in the animal of their choices tongue e.g. Woof – Dog. (if they had a dog theme birthday party)

Funny Birthday SongsSumming it up, not slumming it down next time you are celebrating your friend’s birthday, why not chuck out the boring traditional ‘Happy Birthday Song’ and go wild with entertaining the birthday guest of honor with a version of the funny happy birthday songs you have picked out for them and if none of the above seem to work you can go with the classic funny birthday songs of “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, You look like a Monkey and you smell like one too.”

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