Girls Only Tea Party

by admin on November 8, 2012

I had a birthday party for my daughter who just turned 4. She wanted a princess party, but I thought that is too overdone, but I still wanted to do something very girlie — particularly because she is my baby and my only girl. It was all ribbons and lace and pretty girl things.

The party was a high tea, which meant the guests were to dress up in their fanciest clothes. I made my own invitations with a large bolt of ribbon, which I cut and then surged the edges so it wouldn’t fray, and then silk screened the message to the guests. I glued pearls and lace to the ribbon invitations to make it something truly beautiful and a wonderful keepsake. (We are offering a free download for tea party invitations)

Tea girls only party

We had a beautiful tea party with my grandmother’s good china that never gets used. I made petit fours and bon bons, and of course a beautiful birthday cake which I also custom made. It was a two layer cake with strawberry jam filling, purple icing, and pink polka dots.

When the guests arrived, I allowed them to choose feather boas, gloves, high heels, and hats from the box of dress up clothes I have. The girls all looked so fancy and grown up in their outfits, and all enjoyed the “formal” tea birthday party.

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After tea and cake, the girls all got to paint their own porcelain play tea sets. I purchased the ready-to-paint sets at a craft store, and allowed them all to create their own unique tea set as a party favor.

Because of the detail and time that went into the birthday party, we kept it very small–a total of 5 guests including the birthday girl. This gave them the opportunity to get really involved in their pretend play, dress-up, and their painting without me having to chase a bunch of four year olds around my house.

It was truly a successful party, and several of the girls’ moms asked me to help coordinate the same type of party for them this year, as it was so enjoyable for all the kids. Now the next step is finding a theme that will be just as successful for next year’s birthday party! It was, by far, the best little girl’s birthday party I have ever seen, let alone thrown myself. It was relatively inexpensive since I made the cake and invitations myself, and since we kept it pretty small, the cost for the party favors was also pretty inexpensive.

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Since it was a “high tea”, the guests arrived around 11:30 in the morning, and tea and cake was served at noon. By the time gifts had been opened and the girls painted their tea sets, it was around 2:30 pm. It made it the perfect time for a party since some of the girls still took naps, but not until a little later in the day, and everybody was in and out before I had to start preparing dinner for my family that evening. Overall, the birthday party was a giant success!

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