Glamour Photo Shoot Birthday Party

by admin on January 14, 2013

Glitz and Glamour Photo Shoot Birthday Party Bash

Some children cringe when they think it’s family picture time. No one wants to have to get dressed up, smile for the camera, and sit still for maybe hours until the perfect shot is taken.

Here’s an opportunity to grab a great family photo but please the birthday boy or girl I the process. Have Glamour Shots taken.

They are child appropriate makeovers and poses and family can even join in and voila, the family photo is taken care of and the children feel like models for a day. It’s the perfect combination.

Glamour Photo Shoot Birthday Invitations

Send out invites to friends that have a picture of the birthday boy or girl on them in a glamour pose or with a camera flashing on the front.

If going to a studio like Glamour Shots include a flyer from the studio and any items the guests will need to bring to the party.

Most times there will be directions of what clothing and hair accessories might be needed. If the party is like a runway model experience, find templates on Pinterest or easy ideas that can be fashioned out of card stock. Pick bright vibrant colors and design a runway with flashbulbs firing off all around.

Just have fun with making personalized invites or go to Zazzle online to simply purchase some invitations.

glamour photo shoot party

Glamour Photo Shoot Birthday Decorations

Holding the party at the Glamour photo shoots location yields less work than if the big event is at home or in a rented hall in town.

Most times the Glamour photo shoots event planners will have everything set up and the studio is all of the decoration required. Otherwise time to hit the dollar store and find shower curtains and red, pink, or black table cloths. Hang the shower curtains in a doorway along with the table cloth color of choice and that’s the main entrance for the little models to start their walk down the runway.

Maybe even set up a side of the room with a mirror, spot light on the chair in the middle and a skincare and makeup collection ready and waiting for the models to use to get ready for their big debut.

Balloons, streamers, and banners of course are a must that are color coordinated to match the runway.

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Glamour Photo Shoot Birthday Party Menu

Depending on the location food may have to be eaten elsewhere instead of at Glamour Shots. If that is the case, take the models to strike their poses then find a restaurant that is willing to cater for several birthday guests.

It’s also a great idea to bring the guests home and let them have a picnic in the backyard or an after photo shoot dinner party still dressed in their formal attire.

Some little girls will laugh and giggle through this and others will simply want to know where the pizza or hamburgers are. Don’t over stress about main menus just be sure to have several cupcakes scattered around decorated with glasses or flashing bulbs on them.

The birthday cake can either have a glamour transferred photo of the birthday boy or girl, simply be a tube of lipstick, or designed to have a runway going down the front.

For some a rack of evening gowns placed on the cake will suit any fashionista.

Glamour Photo Shoot Birthday Party Games

Trivia, best dressed contests, and drawing a designer gown or outfit from their own imagination is always a great choice. This crowd probably won’t be in the mood for obstacle courses, pin the tail on the donkey, or musical chairs.

If a treasure hunt is on the agenda make the treasures clues through fashion or photography terms. Make the prizes clothing items such as white formal gloves, fake boas, makeup items, jewelry, etc.

Maybe take Polaroid pictures or easy to print off digital photos at the beginning of the party and use those as clues in leading the little models on their merry way.

Just be sure to make all prizes age appropriate and free of allergy issues by asking parents beforehand what dyes or other items children could be sensitive too.

Glamour Photo Shoot Birthday Party Favors

Send each guest home with a framed digital photo of themselves dressed up in their glitz and glammed outfits.

The same goes for any family members that took the opportunity to join the birthday boy or girl at the Glamour Shots location to make the day a family photo one.

Candy, cookies, and assorted doll clothes for little girls who like to dress up their Barbie or Bratz dolls are great choices as well.

Find nice hot pink or even designer department store bags to send the favors home in and to accentuate the theme.

In the end all of the guests and the birthday boy or gal will have had a glamour filled day with makeovers, cake, the runway treatment, and parents can claim a successful birthday bash and family photo experience.

Glamour Photo Shoot Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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