Gnomeo Birthday Party

by admin on May 20, 2013

Who hasn’t seen Gnomeo and Juliet yet? Right, if you have kids you will at least know who they are. Here are some great ideas for Birthday Parties themed after those romantic lawn decorations.

Gnomeo Birthday Party CAKE (can’t miss this now!)

I will not pretend to be good at cake decorating but I have found several sources for those who are.

1. Edible cake toppers.

2. Bakeries. My favorite place to get kids cakes is Coldstone Creamery. You can also contact your local bakers or even Walmart. (I just am not a fan of Walmart’s buttercream frosting)

3. You could also just print the image above and use that as a draft with some green icing on a cake of your choice. Easy enough, right?

Gnomeo Birthday Party Food

1. If you have letter shaped cookie cutters, you could cut out the letters for “Gnomeo and Juliet” into little sandwiches for the kiddos. This is my favorite because it is not only easy but safe and the kids can help with it. Maybe even make it a game for all the kids to play at the party, if you have the patience.

2. Green and Red food coloring. Add it to cookies. Water. The cake mentioned above… You get the idea.

Gnomeo Birthday Party


Gnomeo Birthday Party Favors

1. Unless you have an infant or there will be lots of infants around, Balloons are always a big hit. I recommend filling some with water and letting the kids have at it outside. Others, inside can just be filled with helium.

2. Grass pots. You will need some little cups, potting soil, and grass seed. Have each party guest fill a cup with soil, add seeds, water and take home with them. If you prefer to use Alfalfa seeds those make a yummy edible alternative.

3. Little Gnomes erasers. You can buy these at Party City. Just stuff the pencil erasers, with a pencil, green or red candies (or straws, decorations, even kool aid singles) into a treat bag and send them out with the kids at the end of the day.

Let’s not forget the possibility of rainy days. In those cases, a viewing of the movie will help to pass a lot of time. Afterward, a game of hide and seek or duck duck goose would be in order. The guest who is “it” would be called Gnomeo.

Base would be “Juliet’s Yard”. Then, to wind the kids back down, have a reading of the book where each child gets to pass the book around and read a sentence. Finally, finish with having them all discuss, one by one, what they liked most about the story and or movie and what they disliked. This will help with their verbal communication skills, reading comprehension, and confidence.

I have also looked up some helpful websites for printable pages that you can print at home. This will keep the party going for as long as the crayons hold up.

Gnomeo Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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