Golden Birthday Party For 5 years girl

by admin on November 8, 2012

The theme for the birthday party arranged was a “Gold” party for the 5th birthday (which was her “Golden” birthday) where the entire party would be gold.

My name is Jarek W. and I helped plan this for a family friend’s granddaughter. The birthday girl, Rose, of course requested a beautiful gold dress to fit the part for her party.

All of the decorations were based on the color gold, gold decorations including the following: streamers, table cover, plates, cups, all of the little “goodie bag” items were based on gold as well.

The invitations had a faint yellow-gold in the center of the invitation with a dark gold border. The printing was white in the center of the invitation and the invitations also contained one light gold and one dark gold bow in the far left corners of the invitations.

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The location was at the business of this little girl’s grandmother’s house. Her house was in the small town of Manitowish Waters, a very secluded, small town in northern Wisconsin.

The menu for this party consisted of every gold food dish that was able to be obtained.

Her cake was a light yellow with a gold metallic frosting on the outer edges of the cake. The works of course said the phrase: “Happy Birthday Rose!!” The writing was also in done in white frosting, much like on the invitation. The table for this party was decorated extraordinarily.

golden birthday party

The table cover was a light metallic gold that fit the long dining room table absolutely perfectly. On the table, on top of the cover were little, shiny golden stars and little strips of shiny, gold confetti like material. This confetti was spread all across the table, between each and every place mat and more heavily coated in the center of the table particularly.

Even on the side table for the party, that were basically just decoration, were covered with this small confetti in a very steady manner. The other aspects of the table was the large centerpiece on the table. The centerpiece was large shooting star shower it seemed.

The main qualities of the golden stars were how the stuck out in a symmetric manner and also had the flairs of gold along with the stars on the centerpiece.

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The centerpiece itself was on a light yellow, circular platform that allowed it to be higher up, and not interrupt the actual act of eating at this party. Other than the cake, there was mostly just other various baked goods than involved the color as well.

Cupcakes with the little toothpick streamer flair in gold was a popular item among the foods. The flair seemed to compliment the yellow frosting and the metallic cupcake liners also added a bit of a spirit in the whole gold theme and was one of the favorites among the young party guests.

There was also a dress code requirement among the guests. If they could not obtain gold attire then the color yellow was accepted due to how uncommon and unique the color gold is for the clothing of young children. When arriving at the party however, each guest received a gold Mardi Gras beads as the entered the doors into the party for extra attire.

This party was so unique and clever just how it was based on a color, not a television show or princesses like the usual parties; but having to be her “Golden Birthday” it really was quite genius.

Submitted by Jarek

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