Gymnastics Birthday Party: How Flexible Are You?

by Sherry on September 12, 2012

I do not think I can ever be a gymnast. The moves the gymnasts execute are hard, precise and well-timed and require a lot of fluidity and practice yet they make them seem so graceful and effortless.

I was watching the London Olympics last month and I have to say gymnastics is a beautiful sport. There was a gymnast who was well past her early thirties yet she looked like a twenty year old! The moves they performed required physical strength, agility, coordination, balance and flexibility. Just shows how gymnastics can help some of us look younger.

My fraternal twins (a boy and a girl) have always been funs of the trampoline. I also have enrolled them for gymnastic classes as they expressed an interest in it.

It came as no surprise when they requested a gymnastics birthday party to celebrate their 12th birthday with their friends. I was glad to oblige and I have to admit that I enjoyed myself planning and executing the party for my babies (even if they are thirty going on fifty, they will still be my babies!).

Planning Gymnastics Birthday Party

The twins made their birthday card invites in the shape of a vault and a balance beam and sent them off to their friends and other family members.

The next step was setting up the trampoline, vault, balance beams, high bars, parallel bars as well as still rings. I was informed no gymnastics birthday party would be complete without a gymnastic inspired birthday cake; and they emphatically stated that they did not want cup cakes (apparently I have the tendency of going for cupcakes more often than not).

I let the baker get creative and I have to say the cake came out great! It was a multi-tiered cake with different flavors ranging from lemon cake, black forest, fudge, red velvet and strawberry jam cake.

There were figurines of gymnasts participating in various gymnastic events and the top of it was a gymnast receiving a world championship medal. At least the cake was well received not only by the twins but also for the invited guests!

gymnastic birthday party

Gymnastics Birthday Party Games

For party games, the twins and the troops started by doing some few choreographed vault and balance beams to entertain the guests.

After that, they gave us a few pointers on certain easy moves that we could perform on the trampoline and the person who executed it the best was given a goody bag. I realized that I was not the only person who was not flexible enough to execute some of those moves.

Some could not even do a simple sommer sault but it provided for a fun time and a good laugh. But do not fret; flexibility is not a requirement to enjoy oneself at a gymnastic birthday party! A gymnastics triathlon was also in the menu.

The pommel horse, high bars and still rings were the three events the twins’ friends had to complete and the price for the winner was a four free gymnastic lessons.

The twins’ gymnastic coaches were kind enough to contribute their expertise in the judging panel in order to decide on which boy or girl would emerge the winner: on top of them offering the four free gymnastic lessons. I think it was their way of gauging their students’ progress in a fun environment. It was generally a fun day and all and sundry enjoyed themselves.

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