Halloween Birthday Party for Preschoolers

by admin on October 11, 2012

Halloween birthday party coincides with Halloween or a family might decide to throw their preschooler such a party if they birth date is not so far from Halloween.

These are among the easiest birthday parties that anyone could ever arrange. This is due to the fact that the planner does not have to think of a suitable theme as one is already in place.

Guests are all expected to dress up in costumes and finding decorations for the venue and party favors is also very easy as many shops sell such stuff.

The activities for the day can be easily borrowed from hay rides, apple dunking of the age old Harvest Festivals or even decorating of pumpkins among others.


The perfect theme for preschoolers is the Harvest Festivals. This celebration that occurred in fall, involved farmers who gathered to celebrate with pumpkin pies, fiddle music, apple cider and square dances. This theme is not scary hence good for the little ones.

When it comes to selection of the best venues to hold the party, a backyard that is enclosed, garage or even barn is just perfect for the event.

Decoration is also very simple; you can go for about 30-40 pumpkins of various sizes depending on the number of guests invited to the party, bales of straw, hand-made scare crows and shocks of corn or wheat.

Halloween Birthday Party

In order to make the venue a bit crafty, the scarecrows made of paper can be glued either to the wall or even fence. Instead of making the Halloween birthday party scary for an activity, it is best to come up with a maze that is quite amazing as kids do not like being scared; you might just end up instilling fear in them.

You can come up with a box and paint it to a similar shade of hay so that differentiating the two would be quite difficult.

The kids then have to reach into the box and also below the bales of hay so they can reach for patches of pumpkins; they then decorate them. Although this activity seems quite simple (and actually it is simple), you can be sure that your preschooler and his/her friends will love it so much.


Other activities to consider for the big day are art and craft that kids love so much, activities involving food such as donuts, sack races, three legged relays, sewing Halloween cards, wheelbarrow races, pumpkin relays, learning the steps to Monster Mash or even teach them how to dance like Monsters.

At the end of it all, all the guests must be given party favors so they can remember that day. Some great favors to go for are spider rings, decorated pumpkins, spooky lollipops, Halloween stickers, treat and tattoos among others.

Just keep in mind that you are dealing with kids and thus keeping the party as simple as possible is very important to make the Halloween birthday party a success.


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