Having a Harry Potter themed birthday party

by admin on May 13, 2013

When our children turn a new year old, we feel warmth inside that makes us want to “go-all-out” and give them the best we possibly can. Does your son want a Harry Potter themed birthday party? If so, I have the perfect ideas for you to try!

Harry Potter themed birthday party Invitations

First, you will want to create the invitations. These cannot be any ordinary store bought invitation these should be handmade. To make these, you will need to use parchment paper and have red wax ready to use as a seal. To make these extra unique, use calligraphy for the mailing address! Be sure to use a proper tone of voice for your sentences.

Harry Potter themed birthday party Decorations

For your table decorations, such as centerpieces, you could do something gun like “potion jars” filled with nasty items (these are not actually nasty, they just look like it).

Here some ideas:

  • Use prunes for dried beetles
  • Weeds in green water for gillyweed
  • Maple syrup for “truth serum”
  • Purple water with loose tea leaves for “dream fluid”
  • Black lentil for bat eyes
  • Smoked oyster for Hippogriff gizzard
  • Dirt mixed with water for Hollow Stump oil
  • Cocktail onions for blind cat eyes
  • Spaghetti with red sauce for bloodworms

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Harry Potter themed birthday party food

Your food and drinks are very important at a party like this one, just think, “Magic”, the more majestic they are, the better! You can make soda drinks turn into vibrant colors, here is what you need to do:

  • Strawberry Acid pop drinks- Strawberries and a fizzy strawberry soda pop. You can easily make this into a desert as well by add strawberry ice cream!
  • Spark wands- These are just bread sticks! Children have fun with them by acting as if the sticks are wands!
  • Crumpet Faces- Crumpets covered with cheese, olive oil, tomatoes, and olives if you like them. Throw them in the oven for ten minutes then let them cool for five minutes and enjoy!

You can make all kinds of fun, interesting things for a Harry Potter themed birthday party. Just think “potion, witches, spells, etc.”

harry potter potions for birthday party

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Harry Potter themed birthday party games

At any child’s party, you must have games of sort, however, at a themed birthday party; you must have games to match the theme of the party. Treasure hunt games are always fun and you can do it with any age group!

Make some house points if the children do something well

In each game, there is a note of house points that includes how many each guest should get.

Give different point values to each creature and hide them around the yard or house (where the party is):

  • Gummy rats are one point
  • Snakes are two points
  • Dragon eggs are three points and so on.

You could even add a “bonus creature” such as a golden egg that is worth more points to add more excitement for the children. Announce the values to the children before the game begins. Have a short amount of time for the hunt and ward special prices to the kids.

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