Have a Picnic Birthday Party

by admin on June 30, 2013

A picnic birthday party is for any age! To make the birthday guests’ day a “dream”, read the following tips:

Have a birthday party in the park

Everyone knows parks are the perfect place to have a picnic, so why not have a picnic birthday party in the park! If this party is not a surprise, you may have an easier time setting everything up with the birthday guest. However, you will need a big blanket to lay on, a picnic basket to hold all of your goodies, some throw-away eating utensils such as, plates, napkins, forks, etc.

In addition, is this day is a hot day, you may want to bring some sunscreen and bug spray! If you want to turn this picnic into a “sunning” moment, bring along bathing suits and oil (sunscreen is better to bring though, but if you want to tan, bring some oil).

Themed picnic birthday party

Many people like the look of the ‘50s ear, and a lot of the time, people from the ‘50s would have picnics and be outside! Find you and your friends the “poodle skirts” that the women used to wear in the ‘50s! Find funky decorations that will highlight the theme.

In addition, bring along some finger foods for snacking on, such as finger sandwiches, baby carrots, etc. For dessert, bring some funnel cakes and cotton candy, for drinks bring along glass bottles of soda! Be sure everyone knows to dress the part!

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Surprise picnic birthday party

Throwing a surprise birthday party is fun on any birthday theme, however a picnic party is just about the best you can get! Surprise picnic parties are very easy; all you need is the picnic supplies, along with a bandana for the birthday guest!

Cover his or her eyes before arriving at the picnic destination so that he or she will not know what you are doing. Walk him or her slowly to the picnic spot, and then have them take off their blindfold! If you have several guests, this will be very exciting, because everyone will have to be very quiet to surprise the guest as he or she takes off the mask!

Indoor picnic party

Just because this party is a picnic party does not mean you have to be outside! What if it starts raining, and you have to move the party indoors. Not to worry, it is easy to have a picnic party inside the house! All you have to do is set up the decorations and food exactly as you set it up outside!

Move all the furniture against the walls to allow for more room, lay a big blanket down on the floor, set your food and drinks on the blanket, and enjoy! Open the blinds or curtains to let in the natural light and DO NOT turn the television on! Turning on the TV would be completely against the rules!

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