Having a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

by admin on June 30, 2013

Dinosaurs are still popular with girls and boys alike. Little children still love to play with their dinosaur toys and also in learning a lot more about them. If your little girl or little boy likes Barney, why not throw his or her birthday party with a dinosaur themed birthday party! I am sure that your little girl or little boy would love the idea and will really enjoy her or his special day.

But how do we begin organizing a dinosaur themed birthday party?

What are the things that we need to consider in throwing such birthday party. Here are some of the things that you can look into in order for you to plan and have a dinosaur themed birthday party.

We first need to come up with the birthday party invitation. In making the birthday party invitations with a dinosaur themed, you do not need to spend so much on the materials to make them. You just need some construction papers or slightly hard stationary papers to start making the invitation.

Then, pictures or stickers of dinosaurs which you can cut and design using cutters or designed scissors and paste the cut-outs on the cover of your handmade invitation. Viola! You now have your personalized dinosaur themed birthday party invitation.

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Decorations


Next is the planning of the decorations of the said theme. You can print different sizes of dinosaur pictures and cut them nicely and you can have them hanged in the room where the dinosaur themed birthday party will be held.

You can also buy in groceries or in some specialty stores the paper plates, the paper cups, the birthday hats and other items needed with dinosaur designs already printed on them.

You can also place a streamer with a picture of dinosaur land on the walls and ceilings of the party room to make the place look like the Jurassic Park, the movie. Then paste some dinosaur footprints on the floor to really create the dinosaur themed atmosphere.

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Food

With regards to the food that you will serve during the birthday party, a dinosaur cake which is shaped like a dinosaur or a big square or round cake with a dinosaur toy on top of it is a must for this kind of birthday occasion.

You can also serve cookies and pastries which are shaped like dinosaurs that kids will surely enjoy to eat. You can also add some dinosaur gummies and dinosaur candies as sweet treats to the delight of the guests. Also, you may serve gelatin and fruity drinks which are colored green to at least symbolize the color of dinosaurs.


Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Games

Of course, a birthday party is not complete without the party games. One party game with a dinosaur themed birthday party is the dinosaur dig. In here, you should have a big space which you can fill with soil and mud. Then toys which look like dinosaur bones will be buried in the soil and mud and the participants will have to dig them up as fast as they could to win the game.

But before doing this game, you need to tell to the kids’ parents that there will be a party game which will require them to be dirty on it. At least, this will serve as an early advisory to them when it is already time to join the said party game.

All these preparations can be done of course with the help of the kid who will celebrate his or her birthday with a dinosaur themed birthday party.


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